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Triton’s Park Adventure - Monghidoro (BO)

Triton’s Park Adventures in Monghidoro owes its name to the curious crested amphibians that inhabit the small lake alongside the acrobatic Park, immersed in the greenery of Oggiolia Mountain at 1,000 feet above sea level (in the town of Alpe di Monghidoro).

There are seven courses, five for adults and two for children, with different levels of difficulty and a maximum height of 11 meters.



Every year from April to September, the most athletic and brave visitors can venture out on two  Junior Courses, for children ages 4 and up and under 140 cm tall.  The “Junior 1” course reaches a maximum height of 1.6 meters and is an ideal place to begin balancing games.  The “Junior 2” course, 31 meters long, goes up to 2.3 meters above ground with suspended tubes, Burma bridges, planked walkways and some traps.

Kids are equipped with a double safety harness and after having received instructions about the rules they are watched by their parents with the help of instructors.  Kids taller than 1.4 meters and adults have the opportunity to choose from four courses of increasing difficulty.  They must, however, first stop by the practice course, to familiarize themselves with the safety equipment.

The Green Course, medium-easy, is made up of seven stations for a total of 55 meters and a height of 4.2 meters.  Medium-difficult rating for the Blue Course, 58 meters, difficult regarding balance and coordination: you start out on a three cable Burma bridge, move on to a single cable climb, then on to the log swings, the plank bridge with gaps, up to the rope swing and the zip line, going up as far as 7 meters above the ground.

The Orange Course sets itself apart for its particular height which oscillates between 7 and 8 meters, for its total length of 90 meters with 9 stations, for the imagination of its obstacles and the final, 60 meter zip line.

The more expert climbers can try out the 8 stations of the Red Course, which even though it is only between 5 and 6 meters high requires more concentration and effort with its oscillating lianas, the undulating walkways, swings and black net.  The length is 80 meters with a final zip line of 50  meters.

The excitement for children and parents continues with the Black Course, divided into four stations, with a very difficult itinerary reserved for experts or those who practice other extreme sports.  This course is very difficult in terms of balance, coordination and the physical effort required.  It is 10 meters high.  The four stations also have among them courses with a climbing wall and a course with suspended logs, and also free ropes which form two bends.  Here the excitement reaches its climax at the end of the course with the famous Zip Line.  This zip line is the longest and highest in Emilia Romagna, and reaches up to 120 meters in length.  The jump is from 11 meters high, about 3 and a half floors of a house.  At a super fast speed, visitors will go flying through the woods full of trees where they will then suddenly come out into and open field and then finally reach the green net at the end of the course.  For those who want to experience this rush of excitement on the Zip Line without doing the Black Course, there are two ramps with wooden ladders for direct access.

After having tested out their balance and experienced excitement, families can rest in the picnic area, outfitted with barbecues.  Or they can go to the “Osteria del Fantorno” with a restaurant café, rooms and an information point.

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