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Enjoying nature

For those who wish to get away from the hectic city life, or for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and for those who just cannot sit still, we offer a wide range of excursions and guided tours in the most beautiful green areas of the region.


There are a wide range of events including boat rides, bicycle tours, hiking and even an ecobus tour, to get to know and appreciate many unknown places of ecological and historical importance.  Here we have listed a few of the most interesting events of the new season.


Bosco della Mesola JPG


Starting out from the Riviera, the Ferrara coast and the Po Delta will satisfy both adults and children who are curious about the immense variety of the fauna and flora in the marshes of the Park, which has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.


With the guided tours of The Delta you don't know, until November 3 in the marshes near the Lidi of Comacchio, you can discover the traditional techniques of fishing for eels, and alternate riding on a typical boat with walks or bicycle rides.  Or you can refine your clamming skills or go by boat to the Island of Love and see its lighthouse, have a fish dinner on a motorboat, do nordic walking, enjoy the breeze while sailing or even enjoy the beaches on horseback.


Another key place for getting to know the Delta is the Estense Castle of Mesola and its gardens, from which a tour on an electric bus begins; the first stop is the Woods and Deer Museum, then the tour goes on into the countryside and the town of Santa Giustina and Torre dell'Abate, finally arriving at a part of the Reserve usually closed to the public, the Elciola and the Duchess Park.  For those who want more it is also possible to go farther in – on the electric bus – to the Nature Reserve of the Mesola Woods On the Tracks of the Mesola Deer, the king of these woods.  Until October 29.


Also excursions into the marshes of Argenta offer a unique spectacle for those who decide to take on an alternative excursion to discover Cassa Campotto, where, on foot or by bike, visitors can go into the Oasis to areas which are normally closed to the public and see a particular habitat of exceptional value for both plant and animal species. Until December 31.


Moving on to the Ravenna province, Cervia will offer guided tours of the salt mines in this area. In terms of avifauna and botanic species, the salt flats are a unique environment which sets itself apart for its extraordinary beauty and singularity: populated by rare species such as pink flamingos, avocets , stilts, and other protected species, this area is great for visitors who are interested in preservation and environmental issues.  Until November 3.


Moving on to the Apennines near Forli, there is a full program of autumn excursions at the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi. Among wild valleys and the peaks between Romagna and Tuscany, woods, pure forests and hidden away agriturismo, visitors can discover the wild fauna and an unbeatable biodiversity, where the absolute star is the breathtaking landscape. Until November 10.


Given the characteristic nature of the itineraries, it is recommended, and in some cases mandatory, that you book in advance, to experience these great opportunities, while respecting the environment.


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Last modified Oct 28, 2013

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