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Home Apennines and Nature At Corno alle Scale in mountain bike. Even for people with disabilities!

At Corno alle Scale in mountain bike. Even for people with disabilities!

Moulded in such a way as to offer a web of paths quite suited to this sport, these mountains offer itineraries of varying degrees of difficulty which allow visitors to pedal in every season through this luxuriant and magical nature, among a wide rage of flora and fauna where it is easy to come across the ruins of a medieval castle or an old mill or other testimonies to the history and tradition of this land.


The bike paths range from the easiest routes such as the one going up Monte Pizzo, a circular, 3km long path, particularly suited to those looking to try out mountain biking and appreciate the characteristic underbrush in this area without strenuous effort. From Monte Pizzo you can admire the Silla valley and the little oratory located at the top of the stone steps.

Then there are the paths that put even very good bikers to the test, such as that of Alto crinale, classified as the most difficult because in the first part it is technically challenging and you may be forced to get off your bike several times.


Mountain Bike Corno alle Scale JPG


The various parts of gravel road do not require particular attention, but when you get back on the ridge getting towards the end, the path becomes very difficult and dangerous in some points due to the steep drop off of the land alongside it.  The enchanting landscapes that surround this itinerary completely justify this path and even walking your bike along some sections.


Today, 10 itineraries have been mapped out.  You can find a preview of them on the website Comprensorio del Corno alle Scale in the map section, with both maps and descriptions.


Tthe mountain bike season on the Apennines near Bologna offers several opportunities suitable for everyone.


One is in regards to the seventeen “Paths with aids” that the Foundation for Sport Silvia Rinaldi Onlus has created in collaboration with TrackGuru.  This is an important informative service in the sports for disabled persons sector that evaluates the practicability of the paths with different aids such as a tandem and the latest generation of electronic wheelchairs.


These paths run along 400 square kilometers between Bologna, Modena and Pistoia. At the center of this extraordinary mountain territory, there is the Regional Park of Corno alle Scale, on the border with the Regional Park of the High Modena Apennines and an integral part of a network of parks and nature reserves.


The maps of the itineraries can be downloaded from the TrackGuru site at "Paths with aids". They are also in the guide "Il Corno alle Scale in Mountain Bike" printed by the Foundation for Sport Silvia Rinaldi Onlus with maps and a multimedia CD, completed and updated with the most modern excursion technology (GPS and digital maps). The guide is available in Italian at the Iat offices in Lizzano and Vidiciatico, or at the visitors' centers of Corno alle Scale Park, for the price of 15 €.  It is possible to request one by email at:


Exciting downhills on a mountain bike on the historic streets near Monte Pizzo with easy rides back up in a shuttle bus is the new attraction offered this year by the association Montagna Senza Freni. More specifically it is possible to go along three free-ride paths of different degrees of difficulty  assisted by this comfortable shuttle service that connects the arrival with the starting point of each path.


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Last modified Jun 29, 2017

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