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Regional Park Boschi di Carrega

Carrega Woods Regional Park in Carrega was the first park to be created in Emilia Romagna to protect a rare example of foothill woods. The park extends over fluvial terraces between the Taro and Baganza Rivers, just a few kilometres from the city of Parma, and is characterised by woods, hedges, meadows and man made lakes.




There are many types of trees, even non-native ones, that can be found in the park: durmast, Turkey oak, common hornbeam, chestnut, beech, black pine and Scots pine, Norway spruce, silver fir and ornamental species which grow mainly around the ancient noble residences like the famous Casino dei Boschi. In spring the undergrowth, which is very dense with bushes, becomes dotted with different species of nemoral flora. In this environment the micoflora is varied and plentiful with about 400 species of mushrooms.


Besides the common woodland animals, this park is also home to many deer, which are the symbol of the park itself.  Also noteworthy are porcupines and, most of all, wolves.  In fact, the "Wolf Research Center" is located here.  In these woods visitors can also see many types of sparrows, woodpeckers, goshawks, sparrowhawks and many other species.   Amphibians and reptiles are also numerous and they include the pond terrapin which lives in lakes and in particular in the "Svizzera" and "Grotta" Lakes.

Places of interest

Among the many places of interest, besides the Visitors' Center and the "Casa Rossa" CRAS Wildlife Center, there is also the historical Maria Amalia's Beech, the "Casino dei Boschi" (once residence of Maria Luigia), the "Svizzera" and "Grotta" lakes and the "Capannella" Woods.  Every year the park offers a full calendar of excursions and events and a detailed program of environmental education for schools, which are listed at

Near the Park

Near the park, besides the city of Parma (20 minutes by car), and its "twin" Taro Park, there is the Romanesque Parish Church of Talignano, the medieval fortress in Sala Baganza, and Nevicati Park in Collecchio.


Parco Regionale Boschi di Carrega

Temporary Headquarter G. Ferrari, 5
43013 Langhirano (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 354111 - Fax +39 0521 858260


Visitors' Center "Casinetto de' Boschi" and Woods Museum

Via Olma, 2 – Sala Baganza (Pr)

Tel. +39  0521 836026 - Fax +39  0521 836369


Information Points


CRAS (Wildlife Center) Casa Rossa

Via Olma,  3 Sala Baganza (Pr)

tel 0521-833440 338/6817435


Centro Parco Renzo Levati

Via Olma, 2 43038 Sala Baganza (Pr) tel 0521-833440



Parchi del Ducato



How to get here

Take the A1 motorway and exit at Parma Ovest; for those travelling on the A15 Cisa, exit at Fornovo Taro. Then follow signs for either Collecchio or Sala Baganza.  The Carrega Woods are about 15 Km from Parma and can be easily reached by taking the SS 62 Cisa road towards Collecchio or Sala Baganza; from these towns just follow signs to the park.

Last modified Jun 29, 2017

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