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Regional Park Monteveglio Abbey

The Monteveglio Abbey Regional Park was established in 1995 and extends over 900 hectares in the foothills near the modern town of Monteveglio, on the banks of the Samoggia and Ghiaia di Serravalle rivers, in the heart of the Samoggia Valley.


Monteveglio Abbey


This park is characterised by its varied and breathtaking landscapes, mostly due to agricultural practices which have been passed down for hundreds of years along the rolling hills, and the more prominent hills such as the one where the abbey is located and the peaks Morello, Gennaro and Freddo, which surround the beautiful small valley of the Ramato River, the natural heart of this sanctuary.


To the south the boarder hugs the Pravazzano River valley, which includes sections of wild and harsh landscape framed by sharp calanque peaks. The southern part of the park is in fact characterised by clay outcrops, while extensive cultivated areas can be found in the areas that overlook the plain; the vineyards here produce the well-known quality wines of these hills.


The usual landscape of cultivated fields, hedges and wooded areas of these hills is also dotted with wide stretches of rocky crags that disrupt the hillside's continuity and make the landscape even more diverse and enchanting.  A good part of  the park is in fact made up of calanques, where ancient clay stones are exposed and where it is possible to admire the wide range of vegetation.  Due to limited anthropic disturbances, the calanques have also become a refuge for fauna and, along with the Rio Ramato valley, is one of the most important natural areas of this park.


Alongside these natural habitats this territory also offers extraordinary historical sites such as the remains of the castle of the Matilde di Canossa’s period, the setting of famous tormented medieval events, and the abbey of Santa Maria, not to mention the beautiful noble residences, oratories and ancient rural settlements surrounded by fields and vineyards, which help in creating a harmonious and exemplary agricultural landscape.


The fields that blanket the rolling hills are mostly vineyards, and growing grapes is still very important in this area which produces excellent wines with environmentally friendly methods.

This mosaic of diverse habitats makes this park the ideal lab for studying various natural components and their transformations in the field: since the mid-1980s, the central part of the park, where many of the typical Bologna hillside habitats can be seen in a small area, has been home to environmental education activities which involve the schools in the municipalities of the Samoggia Valley and many other students from the region.  The San Teodoro Centre, the administrative headquarters of the park, is also home to the “Centre of Environmental Documentation and Learning”, which is equipped with a lab and a specialized library.


Parco Regionale Abbazia di Monteveglio

Via Abbazia, 28 (Centro San Teodoro) - 40050 Monteveglio (BO)
Tel. +39 051 6701044 - Fax +39 051 3513872

Visitor's centres

Visitor Centre of the Castello di Monteveglio
Via San Rocco, 2 - Monteveglio (BO)

open on sundays and public holidays from April to October from 3pm to 7pm


Visitor Centre San Teodoro

via Abbazia 28 – Monteveglio (Bo)

open on sundays and public holidays from April to October from 3pm to 7pm


Ermes Ambiente


How to get here

From Bologna: follow the SS 569 Bazzanese road, then in the village of Muffa, just after Crespellano, turn for Monteveglio and follow the directions. From Modena take the Bazzanese road passing through Vignola, Savignano and Bazzano.

Last modified Jun 29, 2017

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