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Sassi di Roccamalatina Regional Park

The park covers an area of about 2,300 hectares and is located mainly in the municipalities of Zocca, Guiglia and Marano sul Panaro. The protected area is a fine example of Apennine hills and mountains and stretches from 174 meters above sea level in the Panaro River Valley Floor up the 808 meters above sea level of Mount Riva.  The main characteristics of this park are the sandstone pinnacles of Roccamalatina and S.Andrea.  All around a wide variety of habitats add value to this protected area: from the chestnut groves of the mountains to the fallow clay areas of the foothills, from the riparian zones of the rivers to the caves and craters, from the cultivated hills to the little medieval towns.


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The different microclimates of this park favour the growth in close areas of typical Mediterranean plants and plants typical of higher mountain areas such as beech and bilberry.  There are many orchids which together with the anemone, spring snowflakes, lilies, and cyclamens colour the woods, clearing and rocky areas in spring.  Also of particular value are the habitats recognized by the European Union for Community Interests such as the freshwater swamp forest of alder trees or the scrublands of Festuco-brometalia.  No less important is the fauna: from the badger to the porcupine, from the fox to the many types of deer, and the martens.  There are many species of Community Interest such as the stag beetle, river shrimp, northern crested newt, Peregrine falcon, the woodlark, the European nightjar, and the Mediterranean horseshoe bat.  Sporadic but certain is the appearance of wolves.


History and Culture

Parish churches and medieval towns add interest to this protected area.  From the austere Pieve di Trebbio, a national monument from the 12th century, to the charming towns of Montecorone, Montalbano and Castellino delle formiche.  There are many towers and house towers such as Castellaro, Pugnano and La Grilla.  The "Borlengo" and Chestnut Museum is the best place to get to know the local cuisine of the Park.  These specialities can be tasted in the town with medieval origins of San Giacomo di Zocca.

Sports and free time

More than 100 kilometres of paths can be accessed by visitors on foot, on horseback or by bike.  The 14 itineraries of the Park offer a wide range of choices: from simple walks of just a few minutes to excursions that last a few hours and go through gullies, woods, bluffs, clearings, fields, chestnut groves and rural farmhouses.  And of course there are short railways, and paths that can be done only when accompanied by a guide, which go through the most protected parts of the park.  This park can be visited all year round, but spring and autumn are the best seasons for fully enjoying the spectacular sites here.


Welcoming and Visitors' Centers

The Park Center, the administrative headquarters, is able to provide all the information needed to best make use of the park.  It has a reception area, a natural exhibition and a green area for picnics and barbecues with a small botanic garden.  Another thing that should not be missed is the Visitors' Centre of Borgo dei Sassi, which is the starting place for climbing to the main ridge (Sasso della Croce).  There is also the Borlengo and Chestnut Museum near the town of Lame di Zocca.  Next to the museum there is the Ancient Hospital of San Giacomo, a restored building from the 12th century and now converted into a hostel with 25 beds managed by the Park.  Visitors can also stay at the agriturismo and bed & breakfasts of the Park.



Parco Regionale dei Sassi di Roccamalatina

Park Headquarters
Via Pieve di Trebbio, 1287
Pieve di Trebbio 41050 Roccamalatina (MO)

Tel. +39 059 795721


Educational Centre for the Sostenibility of Central Emilia Parks

located in the Centro Parco "Il Fontanazzo" in the Parco Regionale dei Sassi di Roccamalatina

via Pieve di Trebbio, 1287 - 41050 Roccamalatina (Guiglia - MO)

loc. Pieve di Trebbio Tel. 059 795721 - Fax 059 795044


Visitors Centre

Il Fontanazzo

Via Pieve di Trebbio, 1287

Pieve di Trebbio 41050 Roccamalatina (MO)

Tel. +39 059 795721


Borgo dei Sassi

Via Sassi 1988
Rocca di Sopra 41050 Roccamalatina Guiglia (MO)
Tel. +39 059 795831




Parks Emilia Centrale


How to get here

This park, located just a few kilometers from the town of Guiglia, can be reached from the SP 623 of the Brasa Pass, and then continuing on to Zocca. Another possibility is to take the Panaro Provincial road through the valley, which for a small stretch runs along the western border of the protected area. From Modena to Bologna, continue on towards Vignola and then take the road to Guiglia.  After passing through the town of Monteorsello, go about 2 km, then turn right going towards Via Pieve di Trebbio.  Follow the street up to the Park Center "Il Fontanazzo".

Last modified Jun 29, 2017

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