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Campigna (FC)

The ski resort in Campigna, 1510-1680 meters above sea level in the town of Santa Sofia in the Apennines near Forli, offers 4km of alpine ski slopes, where you can also have completely safe fun with a bobsled or sled The landscape is very beautiful and still completely uncontaminated, and it is a privileged place for hiking enthusiasts and those who love skiing, in all its forms.


Just a few kilometers from the spa resort in Bagno di Romagna, this resort allows you to combine skiing with spa wellness, a combination that is increasingly sought after by those going on vacation in the winter.


Campigna also has one of the most important national historic forests.  Unusual habitats, rare flora and fauna, together with man's influence, in particular the hospitality of its inhabitants, have contributed to the fame of this area which can easily be reached from the cities in the Romagna plains and from the Tuscan boarder by taking the “Bidentina” state road with its breathtaking views of Sassofratino, Poggio Scali, the Massiccio of Monte Falterona e medowlands of Casentino.


Snowshoeing in Campigna


Staying in Campigna means finding oneself in the heart of the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.  In this little town, a dense and complete network of paths begins which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the forest.


Campigna is also home to 2 ski slopes in Montefalco and the learning slope in Fangacci.  Besides cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, visitors can also go hiking, do alpine skiing or snowshoeing in this fascinating setting of snowy paths and the magical ice covered beech trees on its peak; all of this and more is Campigna.


Hotels, agriturismo, and lodges sleep 120 people all together; for tourists there are many information centers such as the Villetta di Campigna, an information point for the Park, a little forest museum, and "Il Sentiero" which is dedicated to the habitat among the fir trees.  Restaurants, rest areas for cars and campers, a tennis court and soon a play area for kids offer all the comforts for a great outdoor vacation.


Prices. 19 € per day on weekdays, 12 € for just mornings or afternoons.

New this year. The ski lift has been modified to slow down so that beginners can learn to use the lift more easily.  Now this area is also equipped with free wifi, a bar in the snowboarding area and there is a new trail just for people walking or using snowshoes.  A new Ski School slope about 120 m long and just as wide awaits beginners; it has a magic carpet lift that makes going up easy for everyone, even for bobsleds and sleds.  Do not miss the Snow Park with doors where snowboarding enthusiasts can find three slopes with tricks and two jumps of 5 and 8 meters.

For those who do not have their own equipment, at the bottom of the slopes where the lifts are it is possible to rent skis, boots, snowshoes and snowboards.


Events. Daytime and nighttime snowshoeing in the forest.  This resort offers many initiatives linked to teaching children to ski with lots of lessons during the week and entire days dedicated to nature or winter sports.  For info:


For tourist information:
Forlì tourism Office


Last modified Nov 29, 2017

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