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Slow Spring 2018

Nature lovers and slow tourism enthusiasts always find the perfect time and place to getaway and enjoy greenery, fresh air, and a little relaxation. The date? From March 18 to June 24. The place? The entire Po Delta, in the area between Veneto and Emilia Romagna.


There are many different opportunities, to please families but also those who love traveling alone, sports enthusiasts and photographers: hikes, bike rides and boat rides, horseback riding, learning labs, guided tours, activities and food and wine. This area is ready to be discovered, from Rosolina to Goro, from Mesola to Comacchio, from Ravenna to Cervia, and from the coast inland to discover the Marshes of Argenta, the Oasis of Bando, the Marshes of Ostellato, up to the areas of the Romagna low lands.



Visitors will have the possibility to get to know nature and observe the many bird species here up close in their habitat, as well as plants and animals that inhabit the Delta, and at the same time open the doors of palaces, monuments, churches where culture and the human presence can express themselves with the beauty and harmony of the visual arts (photography and art exhibitions) and of movement (theater, dance and music shows). There are many little cultural treasures such as palaces, churches, and gardens in the area of the Delta that are not mainstream sites and that this 2018 edition will allow you to discover. There will also be many events for those who love birdwatching, who can observe and photograph the many species present in this area, and for foodies there will be the chance to taste typical local products. There will also be many workshops designed for small children and kids who can get to know nature and the fauna of the Delta in a fun and educational way.


There are many slow excursions in the northernmost areas of the Park in Veneto down to Cervia, on the southern boarder.


A few examples: in the Veneto area, an itinerary in a little flat-bottom boat “Po of Maistra and Golena Cà Pisani” a suggestive environment, wild and uncontaminated. Among reeds and lagoons and in the Garzaia di Ca' Venier, the biggest nesting site of herons of the Park; Bike & boat along the Po near Goro” bike rides along the banks of the Po near Goro which ends with a boat ride to the mouth of the river. Going down, you can stop by Mesola with a visit in the woods “Tracking the Deer”, not forgetting to cross the cove of Goro with a trip by motorboat to discover the mouth of the river. Do not miss a stop at the Abbey of Pomposa where it will also be possible to visit the bell tower.


Then you can go to Comacchio for a lovely ride by bike uphill to see the splendid pink flamingos, or for those who love sports there is also the experience of going through the Marshes by canoe guided by expert nature guides. For those who love art there will also be the chance to paint the salt flats along a guided tour where the public will be invited to see some views of the salt flats with an artistic eye to then have the chance to paint their emotions at the end of the tour and interpret this landscape with artistic flair.


Arriving in the Ravenna area, you can try an excursion by electric boat between Ortazzo and Ortazzino, a privileged vantage point from which to enjoy the wealth of flora and fauna that characterize the area of the Bevano. For those that prefer to walk, you can take a walk in the hygrophilous woods of Punte Alberete, or a horse ride along the banks of the Reno River to discover the area south of the Marshes of Comacchio with its flamingos and to discover the traditions of the weaving of swamp grasses in the Eco-Museum of Bagnacavallo.


For those who love history, do not miss a visit to the archeology area of Classe or the city of Ravenna with its mosaics and maybe end the day with a walk at sunset in the salt flat of Cervia. For families with kids, visiting the Butterfly House is a great option, also in Cervia, where it will be possible to see the first flight of the butterflies born in the early hours of the day.


Moving away from the coast and going inland there are many options for discovering and experiencing this area: for expert photographers/birdwatchers there is the chance to experience the photographic huts in the marshes of Argenta, or meet the storks in the Oasis in Bando. Again for families with children there are many learning workshops dedicated to the discovery of the biodiversity of the marshes of Ostellato or at the Museum of the Territory also in Ostellato, while for the most fearless also a themed evening in “the company of ghosts” in the Delizia del Verginese in Portomaggiore.


Like every year, there will be many special events:



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