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Snow kiting on the Apennine of Modena

Hanging from a kite with skis or a snowboard on your feet


The latest breathtaking trend in terms of winter sports is in full swing on the Apennine of Modena.

The excitement you feel is great: you can climb hills and run expanses of snow while traveling at a speed up to 50-70 kilometers per hour. With these kites, from 2 to 3 square meters large up to a maximum of 15, you can do jumps ranging from 30 to 100 meters.




To practice snow kiting, also called Mountain Kiting, you do not need any particular physical and technical abilities. It is a sport for everyone. You just need to hold a kind of kite, put on your skis or a snowboard, and make the most of the wind.


The most suitable areas are obviously those that are very windy. And the plateau of Piancavallaro, located just below Mount Cimone, at a height of 1800 m, is the ideal place for practicing this discipline, as it is swept by northeast and southwest winds, with an intensity up to 35 knots, and covered by a thick blanket of snow from November to May.


This place is a real playground for snowkiting, shaped like a giant half-pipe, about 1500 meters long and 500 meters wide, with a slight slope on the length and natural pro jump ramps surrounded by a charming view.

Plowing fresh snow, while being pulled by the wind and climbing up the slope with surprising simplicity is a really exhilarating experience.


The Atraction Kitesurf University proposes lessons for beginners; the school is located in Le Polle di Riolunato, right at the foot of the chair-lifts, where theoretical lessons are hold.


The easiness of floating on snow allows you to learn this sport very quickly. From a technical point of view, snowkiting is a combination of snowboarding and kite surfing, a mix between a board and a kite, and is indeed a very good training for the summer activity on the sea!


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