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FAI Spring Days. 22nd Edition

Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23, 2014 the 22nd edition of the FAI Spring Days will take place, a large-scale national festival which since its first edition up to today has involved more than 7,000,000 Italians and this year will host the extraordinary opening of more than 750 places in every region of Italy, with admission upon donation only.

A great show of art and beauty dedicated to everyone who cares about the cultural and environmental heritage of Italy, the stars of which will be hundreds of particular sites which are often inaccessible and which can be exceptionally admired by the public during the weekend of FAI Spring Days.


In Emilia-Romagna 46 artistic sites will be open to the public in 20 towns with high school students acting as guides, aspiring experts in an exchange and meeting of generations.  In many cities there will also be, as part of the project "Art.  A bridge between cultures", guided tours for foreign citizens, done in many languages based on the request of the various foreigners present.  

This edition of FAI Spring Days is dedicated to Augustus.

This tribute to the great emperor, who died two thousand years ago, is the theme also in our region where he left his mark on the development and restructuring of many urban centres and agricultural lands, distributed among his legionaries. Just to name a few, in Bologna visitors can access the Roman Theatre in via dè Carbonesi, the oldest brick theatre of the Roman era, while the Archaeological Museum will have three prized pieces on display, which are usually not, from the dig at Claterna (Ozzano dell'Emilia, Bo). Ravenna, with the Classe port and the show at the National Museum are other stops which should not be missed.  Visitors can get an idea of how much this emperor cared about his image and the propaganda used at the coin exhibition on the first monetary reform made by Augustus, being held in Lugo (Ra), in the San Francesco di Paola church.  Then there is the Arch dedicated to him and the Tiberius Bridge, in Rimini, and the exhibition "When Augustus came to Modena.  From the Bellum Mutinense to the symbols of his power”, set up for this occasion at the Palazzo dei Musei in  Modena for the FAI Spring Days; from the collections of the Civic Museums, the memory of Augustus from Reggio Emilia up to Piacenza can be seen in the exhibition "We lived outside the city.  The people of Roman Piacenza".  But the events dedicated to this emperor do not end here.


Along with the tribute to Augustus, there will be many other events as part of this cultural initiative.  In Bologna, besides the municipal building in Piazza Maggiore, also Palazzo Gaudenzi in via Galliera will be open, with its classic architecture and frescoes by Gaetano Gandolfi and Serafino Barozzi.


In Forlì, you can visit the Asilo Santarelli, the first non-religious pre-school in papal Romagna and in Modena the monastery of the Dominican Nuns will be open; this building is a hidden jewel  in the heart of the city.  In Salsomaggiore the Terme Berzieri will be open and in Brisighella the Teatro M. Pedrini.


In Comacchio, it will be possible to go along the fascinating trail from the Loggia del Grano ai Treponti to the Cathedral.  In Ferrara the Opera Pia Braghini-Rossetti will be open and in Cesena visitors can go on a cultural trip at the Comandini House and Library.



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