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Blue Night 2017

The hot springs of Emilia Romagna are ready to celebrate, Saturday, June 17 for the entire weekend, Blue Night 2017, the big Italian festival of wellness, with all 23 thermal spas open until late in the evening, dozens of events and initiatives in 19 towns, from Salsomaggiore Terme to Riccione.



Streets and squares will be decked out in every shade of blue and white and will host music, shows, wine and food and much more. There is nothing left to do but dive into these “blue” celebrations.


You can choose between the fish fry on the beach as the sun goes down in Rimini and in Punta Marina, the guided tours of Liberty buildings in Salsomaggiore Terme, the show of the very colorful parrots in Lido delle Nazioni-Comacchio, the pool parties in Monterenzio, Riolo Terme, Cervia and Comacchio. In Riccione there is the ’70s concert of Ivan Cattaneo in the garden of the spa. You can dance under the stars in Castrocaro and in the square in Bagno di Romagna. In Bertinoro you can put down a tablecloth on the grass for a celestial picnic. In Castel San Pietro Terme, besides the markets of quality food (set up almost everywhere for this occasion) this year there is the “celestial train” and, in the evening, the musical show with light tricks and 3D mapping, while in Sassuolo there will be the performance of television talents from Italia’s got Talent. In Porretta Terme whoever knows how to play the guitar can have the opportunity of a lifetime and take part in the group concert “Mille Chitarre”, while in Monticelli you can sip blue cocktails under the stars. In some municipalities the events begin Thursday afternoon.


A party – says the 2017 motto  – to be experienced at “stellar speed”. The theme of this year’s edition is “pavement art”, an installation that transforms a simple pavement into a place of virtual dreaming. In every town, the public can go to a “magical” point, where they will have the sensation of being in an enchanted place. You can take selfies with spectacular effects and post them on social networks with the hashtag #notteceleste.



Grand finale just before midnight on Saturday, June 17, when all of the hot springs spas will launch thousands of luminous blue and white balloons into the sky. And thanks to social networks, you can stay connected during the party and document it yourself: the hashtag is #lanotteceleste.




Salsomaggiore Terme and its hot springs (Pr)

Downtown Salsomaggiore Terme will be enlivened with guided tours of its Liberty itineraries. The public can sip themed cocktails in the bars downtown and wander around the vintage markets with music and buskers. In the splendid Palazzo Berzieri, home of the hot springs, there will be an installation of Pavement Art. At 9pm in Piazzale Berzieri for the show of Radio Number One. The balloon launch will close out the night. Until late in the evening there will be a shuttle bus service between Tabiano Terme and Salsomaggiore. Info 0524/82111


Terme di Monticelli (Pr)

The central point of Blue Night will be the thermal spa surrounded by an age-old park. On the sun deck of the spa, the public can enjoy a “ celestial” moment with live music under the stars. From 7pm, blue cocktails and snacks. Grand finale with the launch of luminous balloons. Info 0521/657425


Sassuolo and Terme della Salvarola (Mo)

At 9.30pm piazza Garibaldi will light up with the Art Festival. Among moments of the show, conducted by by the speakers from Radio Bruno, there will be the artists of the television program Italia’s Got Talent and the awards ceremony of Sassuolo Calcio. Historic downtown will become a stage with street entertainment, markets, blue decorations and awards for the most creative shop windows. At the spa “Balnea” challenges and games for families and children. And of course Pavement Art and the balloon launch. Info 0536/987530 - 880801


Terme dell’Agriturismo in Monterenzio (Bo)

At the Terme dell’Agriturismo, Blue Night will be celebrated with a pool party, in the thermal water pool, with a dj set, buffet and cocktail bar all poolside. You can dance until late under the stars at an original summer party just a few kilometers from Bologna. There is the opportunity to stay the night in the farmhouses of this spa. In the pool area there will be an example of Pavement Art and from here you can participate in the luminous balloon launch. Info 051/929791


Castel San Pietro Terme and its spas (Bo)

The medieval downtown of Castel San Pietro will begin to fill up in the morning on Saturday with quality food markets, in particular the Italian honey fair  “Naturalmiele” and the Street Food Festival. This year there is the “celestial train” which will go back and forth between the town and the hot springs spas. In the evening, there will be musical shows with light effects and 3D mapping. There will also be a lot of entertainment at the spas where there will be an installation of Pavement Art, while the space just before the structure will be for small children with a playground, outdoor games, inflatables, and magic shows. To end the evening, there will be the balloon launch and a tasty celestial snack. Info 051/6954159


Porretta Terme Municipality of Alto Reno Terme and its spas (Bo)

Those who know how to play, or even just strum, the guitar can become the star of a concert, or better, a rally, for a day: that of Mille Chitarre where anyone can perform. It is one of the most highly anticipated moments in Porretta Terme during the weekend of Blue Night. The party begins on Saturday with selfies at the Pavement Art and concerts of pop music and ska and cover music (9pm). Sunday the Banda di Porretta will arrive (2pm), the entertainment of Radio Number One (4. 30pm) and the spectacular concert 1000 Chitarre. And until June 24, there is an exhibition on Liberty in the spa. Info 0534/521111


Comacchio and the Thermae Oasis (Fe)

A show with very colorful parrots and a party at a pool set in among the rocks. This is what will happen Saturday, June 17 (8pm-11.30pm) for Blue Night at the Gardens of Wellness of the Thermae Oasis in Comacchio. Outside of the pool, the party will have lots of live music, tasty street food and the magical place of “pavement art” for picture taking. Grande finale with the luminous balloon launch in the sky. And also here, like at the other spas, it is possible to stay the weekend. Entrance to the party is free. Admission to the pool  €10. Info Tel. 0533 39970


Terme di Punta Marina (Ra)

Everyone can sign up for the big beach volleyball tournament on the sand with a final party by the sea with music, beer and grilled sausage. This is the program of Punta Marina for Blue Night. The event is organized by the hot springs, by Marleen Beach restaurant and by the Volley Academy of Manu Benelli. There will also be the installation of Pavement Art for picture taking to be shared on social networks. Info 05444/37222


Cervia and its spas (Ra)

This will be a weekend dedicated to wellness and sports. Friday at dawn (6am) in Pinarella there is the seaside wake up with Qi gong lessons. At 9am, Nordic walking between the sea and the pinewoods in Milano Marittima and all day there will be guided tours of the salt flats of Cervia on board a boat. At 7pm all eyes will be on the sunset in the salt flats (by reservation only). You can celebrate in the thermal pool until late at night with stellar music and the joy of being together. Sunday at 6am, there will be a concert at dawn on the sea in Pinarella. Sunday, the visits to the salt flats by boat will continue. Info 0544/973040


Riolo Terme and its spas (Ra)

Friday evening in Riolo Terme Blue Night will begin with a… mystery. At the restaurant Acquavitae at the fortress, there is a particular dinner on schedule where the diners will be asked to solve a little mystery; they will need to find out where a certain treasure is hidden. Saturday afternoon pool party with a stellar rhythm in the big thermal pool with windows looking out over the park and a dj set of 70s-80s and 90s music. Info 0546/71045


Castrocaro Terme and Grand Hotel Terme & Spa (Fc)

For those going to Castrocaro for the weekend, the party starts on Thursday evening with a dialect comedy in the square. Friday afternoon there is a wellness course at the spa, snack and thermal workshop for children in the park, cocktails with live music and finally a gospel concert in the square. Saturday the guided tours of the hot springs and the walled city of Terra del Sole continue, as well as relaxation in the thermal pools, activities for kids, cocktails, good food and the installations of Pavement Art. At 8.30pm, music and entertainment in the city and the balloon launch. Sunday, guided tour of the Fortrress of Castrocaro. Info 0543/769631


Bagno di Romagna and its spas (Fc)

This year the Giro d’Italia came through Bagno di Romagna, so in honor of the Giro, Blue Night will be tinged with pink. This is not the only link to biking, because during the weekend in Bagno di Romagna the amateur race Gran Fondo del Capitano will be held. Friday the stores will offer discounts to women, and the evening party in the square will have music and dancing. Saturday afternoon in the square there is a new edition of Giochi Senza Frontiere for children while adults can relax at the spa with an instructor. Saturday evening there is another show in the square dedicated to water and the launching of the luminous balloons. Sunday the festive atmosphere continues with the Gran Fondo del Capitano, a great party for cyclists and spectators.  Info 0543/ 911046


Bertinoro and Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (Fc)

Friday, June 16 food stands and live music and sports at the municipal sports-center. Saturday, June 17 Blue Night will begin with a blue cocktail hour in the garden of the spa with wine tastings and local food products. The public can participate in guided hikes to discover the origins of the hot springs and then put down a blanket for a picnic dinner at the spa park. The evening continues with a celestial concert with live music. At 11.30pm there will be the balloon launch. Sunday morning the good morning concert will be held in the park with a little breakfast. At 10.30am, a guided visit of the seven prized hot springs. Info 0543/469213


Rimini and Riminiterme

At Riminiterme Blue Night will be a long party on the beach dedicated to the whole family, starting at 6.30pm with activities for children on the beach. You can eat by the sea with a big fish fry of blue fish organized by the Compagnia di Pescatori and you can listen to the Romagna storyteller Nevio Bedin. At 9pm, a dance show and at 11pm fireworks and then the balloon launch. The wellness center will stay open until midnight and you can take pictures in the magic place of the  Pavement Art. Free admission, dinner with a fee. Info 0541/424011


Riccione and its spas (Rn)

A special Blue Night at Riccione Terme because it will begin on Friday with a guided visit of the Sea Turtle Rescue Center and will continue with a walk along the beach under the stars. Saturday evening, Riccione Terme will host Ivan Cattaneo, a dive into the past for the nostalgic “sons and daughter of the stars”. The public can enjoy the concert in the pinewoods of the spa. At the end of the evening there will be the balloon launch. Blue Night continues at the thermal spa with a presentation of the latest trends such as the plumping treatment Blue Secret. Info 0541/602201


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