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Chestnut Fairs

The undisputed queen of autumn is the chestnut, a food known for its versatility in the kitchen, which can be eaten alone or in both salty and sweet dishes, or made into a delicious flour.  In the woods in Emilia-Romagna, there are many passionate gatherers who bring this nutritious product to the tables and banquets of town fairs.




Spanish chestnuts, an ancient Modena Apennine fruit with its own trademark, are different from common chestnuts.  First, their taste: they are sweeter and their smell encapsulates all the aromas and flavors of the woods.  They are also larger, in fact there are only two or three fruits in a burr.  There will be opportunities to taste and buy this chestnut and other products typical of the Modena Apennines at the 36th Chestnut Festival in Zocca on October 27. Again in the Apennines near Modena, Montecreto will celebrate the 26th Chestnut Festival, where many typical local products made from chestnuts will be served (such as chestnut "ciacci" and "castagnaccio") with good wine and the music of traditional orchestras, all in a lovely town near a unique woodland, the Montecreto Chestnut Park. October 26-27.

Also very longstanding is the chestnut festival which will celebrate its 56th year in Castel del Rio, near Bologna, where, every Sunday in October, the infinite variety of dishes (and liquors!) offered and made from chestnuts will leave visitors speechless with disbelief.  Together with traditional local products, there will be also exhibitions, markets, conventions and conferences.  October 27.  Free admission.

Music, shows, markets, nature hikes, roundtables and a fountain of wine will enliven the center of  Montefiore Conca (Rn) for the “Chestnut Fair”, where roasted chestnuts will be accompanied by other tasty dishes.  October 27. Free admission.

Still in October, Talamello, near Rimini, continues to celebrate the “Valmarecchia Chestnut Fair”, which should not be missed as the Montefeltro chestnut is a prized variety and is on the National List of Traditional Products.  The chance to dive into the world of chestnuts will still be offered on Sunday, October 27, where curious guests can go into the chestnut groves to gather chestnuts, while the more gluttonous can taste special menus in the town restaurants.  Free admission.


Our classic chestnut recipes:


Chestnut ,,ciacci"

Chestnuts and Beans Soup

Lasagne with Chestnuts

Chestnut Flour “Polenta” with Bacon and Sausage, served with Raviggiolo Cheese

Cream of Chestnuts

Raviole with Jam and Chestnut Filling

Gluttonous Chestnuts

Chestnut pie

Prunarolo Jam


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