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Chestnuts Fairs 2018

During the fall season, the woods of the Emilia Romagna Apennines offer an abundance of chestnuts and Spanish chestnuts which will show off at the traditional town festivalswhere even today there are still the habits and customs of the past and where you can buy local seasonal products and taste the most fanciful traditional recipes.

The chestnut has been for centuries a true “bread tree”, a main source of food especially in the hills and mountain areas during periods of war and famine. Known for their versatility as a food, chestnuts can be used in man recipes such as soups and delicious appetizers but also sweets, liquors and first courses.

The Spanish chestnut is different from the common chestnut firstly because of its characteristic taste which is sweeter and more scented which holds within it the flavors of the woods, and for its larger size as a husk holds at most two or three nuts.


Sagra del marrone di Castel del Rio (BO)

Festa dei frutti dimenticati e del Marrone di Casola Valsenio (RA)

Festa delle castagne della Valmarecchia - Talamello (RM)

Festa della castagna di Civitella (FC)

Piccola festa d'autunno di Gatteo (FC)

Last modified Oct 15, 2018

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