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Summer Delights

Delizie destate 12 JPGThis music festival, which takes place all over the province of Ferrara, will be held in the ancient vacation homes of the duchy of Este as well as in enchanting artistic places recognized as UNESCO  world heritage sites, all throughout the summer and into September.

Among the symbols of limitless culture, one that stands out is the thousand year old Pomposa Abbey, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. This traditional summer concert series will hold many high quality events inside the Abbey Church and the Stilate room on the evenings of July 18 and 24, and on August 2 and 9.

In Cento, events will be held in the inner courtyard of the Rocca which was part of the ancient fortification of the city on the evenings of July 18, 21, 26, 27, 30 and on August 1 and 14 and then finally on September 10 and 11Calendar of events.

In Argenta this event will take place at the Delizia di Benvignante and in the Convento dei Cappuccini. The Delizia is a testament to the sober and refined elegance of Ferrara architecture during the Renaissance, while the Capuchin Convent dates back, according to literary and archive sources, to 1568-69 with the arrival of the Capuchin monks in 1570. July 18, 21, and 25. Calendar of events.


In Voghiera this event will be held at the Delizia Estense del Belriguardo, which is also on the UNESCO list. Built for Niccolò d'Este in 1435, it was the first of of the Este residencies to be built outside the walls of Ferrara and remains the richest and most sumptuous. Illustrious guests came here, such as heads of state, popes and princes passing through Ferrara. July 19, 23, and 26. Calendar of events.


In Portomaggiore, this event has the celebrated Delizia Estense del Verginese as its setting, a fascinating villa in the form of a castle, and still very much intact today even after five centuries of history.  This building brings back ancient memories of farm life, parties, loves and mysteries.  In the Verginese room, the permanent exhibition Mors Inmatura documents the discovery of a small Roman necroplis right near the Delizia. Outside, a vegetable garden and garden have been rebuilt alongside of the building, called the "Brolo", and which was originally created during the Renaissance, with flowers and fruit trees. The whole Verginese complex is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. The upcoming events at Delizia del Verginese will take place on July 21 and 28. Calendar of events.


In Mesola this event will be held in the worthy setting of the Castello Estense which towers over the town with its majestic and elegant mass. Built at the end of the 1500s on the edge of huge hunting grounds, the Great Woods of Mesola which surround it are now one of the most enchanting nature reserves of the Po Delta Park, also recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.  Today the castle is home to the Museum of the Mesola Woods and Deer. The next events on schedule are on July 26 and on August 3Calendar of events.    



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