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Discover Emilia Romagna by bus with Multibus

Getting around with public transportation has never been so convenient.  Now you can travel on all the buses in Emilia Romagna with the ticket “Mi Muovo Multibus”.


This pass consists of 12 rides for 15. Every ride lasts 75 minutes, can be stamped, and allows users, by taking several buses during one trip, to move around the entire region, including the urban areas of cities.



This ticket is very flexible; it can be used by up to 7 people at the same time and, even if it is a "single zone" ticket, it can be used in multiple areas by stamping it a second time when you change zones.  An example would be buying the "Mi Muovo Multibus" in Bologna, and besides using it on the Tper city buses, you can also take the city buses in the urban areas of Parma (Tep bus), Reggio Emilia (Seta), or Rimini (Star Romagna),  or go from one area to another - such as from Forlimpopoli to Cesena – as long as you stamp the ticket again.


“Mi Muovo Multibus” is already available at the ticket offices of Seta (for the provinces of Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Modena), Tep (for Parma), Tper (for Bologna and Ferrara) and StartRomagna (for Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena,  Rimini), and soon it will also be available at the self-service ticket machines throughout the region.


There are also new tickets that integrate trains and buses: “Mi Muovo citypiù ticket” and “Mi Muovo citypiù mese” – and with them using trains and buses to move around the urban area of Bologna and its suburbs is even easier.  This way, besides the existing annual integrated pass “Mi Muovo citypiù”, travelers can now get around also thanks to the single ticketMi Muovo citypiù ticket for just 1.80 (instead of €2.60, €1.30 + €1.30) and to the personal monthly pass Mi Muovo citypiù mese for 42 (instead of €64, €36 + €28).  These new tickets allow for integrated mobility in the urban area of Bologna and its suburbs, by using the urban services on the Tper buses and regional trains and the Trenitalia trains that cover the same area.  For example a person arrives at the central station in Bologna and then continues on with one of these new tickets using both buses and trains, Tper or Trenitalia, up to the new stations of Mazzini, San Vitale and/or the other train stations in the urban zone (see the chart).



[Stations in the urban area of Bologna for which the Mi Muovo citypiù ticket and Mi Muovo citypiù mese passes can be used]


pdf_symbolDownload the PDF of the integrated Citypiù map


This service was created in response to the rise, over the last few years, in the use of public transport in Emilia-Romagna and the increased appreciation of the annual and monthly integrated train-bus “Mi Muovo” passes.  These passes are part of the fundamental goal of simplifying passengers' lives with convenient and easy to use tickets.



Mobilità Regione Emilia-Romagna

Mi Muovo Toll-free:800-388988

Last modified Oct 20, 2014

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