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Bartolaccio Festival - 34th edition

Town centre

Tredozio (FC)

The Bartolaccio Festival of Tredozio – "e bartlaz" – is a local festival dedicated to the traditional recipes of Tuscany and Romagna, and in particular to 'bartolaccio': the original tortello stuffed with potatoes, bacon and pecorino cheese, and cooked on a griddle.

“Bartlàz”, as it is known in local dialect, will be served in its most authentic and original version; the ingredients are potatoes, pancetta, hard-grain cheese (aged 20 months) salt and a pinch of pepper. They are mixed together, then wrapped in a thin case of pastry, made using just flour and water, and cooked on a hotplate. All that remains is to eat them, possibly while still hot, walking around the town, maybe with some good Sangiovese wine from the Tramazzo-Marzeno valley.

The festival also focuses on other local specialties that are characteristic of the season and have once again become popular. These include “paciàrela”, a firm kind of polenta served with beans and leeks, as well as more traditional corn flour polenta served with meat sauce.

Finally, the event wouldn’t be complete without chestnuts, from the surrounding woods, that local pastry chefs use to create fragrant fried or oven-baked pastry parcels and a variety of cakes, prepared using chocolate, too. A mix of sweet and savoury snacks will be served at the covered stands.

Date: the event will be held on Nov 03, 2019, Nov 10, 2019

Event timetable: from 10.00am

Entrance: free entry

Information and Booking Centre

Tredozio Municipality - Secretary`s office
1, via Dei Martiri - 47019 Tredozio - Phone: ++39 0546 943937 - Fax: ++39 0546 943921
Weekday timetable:

From Monday to Friday: 10.00 - 13.00 pm; on Tuesday and Thursday: 15.30 - 17.30

Weekend timetable:


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