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This event has ended

Flower fest, special for kids

Calenzano - Via della chiesa

Calenzano di Bettola (PC)

By Saint Lorenzo Church, in the little village of Calenzano, in the Nure Valley; the local association ANSPI organizes many events dedicated to nature.

This will be a chance to deepen the botanic characteristics of the area, or just to discover nature that surrounds us, guided by experts walking along the paths.
This area is situated far from the most frequented roads of the Apennines and very near to the Perino waterfalls, frequented by trekkers.

As this event takes place on the day dedicated to Saint John the evangelist, here you have the chance to taste the famous Tortellata of Calenzano. Stuffed pasta with ricotta and wild herbs, collected in the morning of 23rd June, as tradition calls for.

In the afternoon, after the religious celebrations, there will be entertainment for kids.

In the evening it will also be possible to stop for dinner.

Date: the event will be held on Jun 23, 2019

Event timetable: From 10:00 am. to 9:00 pm.


10:00 am. Let's play in nature - Hunting officinal plants, trekking path guided by the Association Trekking colli piacentini.

Entertainment for kids the whole day long, with balloons and kids’ makeup

At 12:00 pm- Lunch for everyone with the Tortellata of Calenzano

At 3:00 pm Holy Mass and Procession of Corpus Domini

At 4:30 Animated tale

At 5:00 pm afternoon break with “grandmother” cakes

At 7:00 pm dinner all together.

Entrance: free entry

Botanic Excursion booking


Information and Booking Centre

Tourist Information Office of Grazzano Visconti Val Nure and Val Chero
Viale del Castello, 2 Grazzano Visconti - 29020 Vigolzone - Phone: +39 0523 870997 - Fax: +39 0523 870997
Weekday timetable:

The office will open from march to december with the following timetable: Tue/Sat 10.00am-01.00pm;
On mondays if not holidays the office will be closed.

Weekend timetable:

10.00am-1.00pm; 2.00-5.00pm

By Piacenza editorial staff (May 04, 2019)

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