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Home Everyone at the table for mushrooms and truffles!

Everyone at the table for mushrooms and truffles!

As the season changes so do the tastes and smells at the table. This period is particularly good for the delights of the underbrush, where, with a little intuition and luck, you can find very special delicacies, which in the kitchen make for delicious recipes.


There are many festivals and celebrations dedicated to mushrooms and truffles, which become great places to meet up for enthusiasts or also just gluttons and people who love good food.




One of the biggest proposals starts in the Bologna Apennines, where in the months of October and November the "Tartufesta 2013. Journey among the flavors of the Bologna hills and nearby areas" will be celebrated.  The wide ranging program will include markets, delicious menus, workshops, exhibitions, entertainment and guided tours, all dedicated to the ''prized white truffle of the Bologna hills''. Among the interesting Tartueventi, Tartumenù, Tartulibri, Tartumercati and Tartuvisite visitors can discover the beauty of this area while enjoying the crisp autumn air.  Until November 17. Free admission.


In Romagna, just inland from Rimini, gluttons await the "Fossa, truffles and food", the title of the food event being held in Mondaino. The main events will be the market of the prized white truffles from the hills of Rimini and the party when Fossa cheese is removed from the “fossa” (holes where it is aged).  The party will be enlivened by expos, markets, music and meetings about local agricultural products.  November 17 and 24. Free admission. Also near Rimini, Coriano will welcome the Autumn Fair, where visitors can find all kinds of local, seasonal products, among which are - besides mushrooms and truffles - olives, wine, honey, cheese and macrobiotic products.  There will be many handmade items and side events such as exhibitions, demonstrations of ancient crafts and tastings.  November 17 and 24.


Just inland from Ferrara, not to be missed is the event  "Pico Tuber Magnatum Fair", dedicated to everyone who would like to taste the white truffle of the Panfilia Woods in Sant'Agostino during the period when this product is at its best.  November 15-17, 22-24. Free admission.


For those who would like to totally immerse themselves in black truffles, there is theNational Fair of the Black Truffle of Fragnoin Calestano, near Parma.  The entire town will be invaded by stands and kiosks offering this delight as street food, and the public will be invited to participate in the “International Truffle Trail Running Contest” and the “Great Truffle Bike MtB”.  Every Sunday visitors can go to the truffle grounds and have lunch with a themed menu in the town restaurants.  November 17. Free admission.

All of the coming festivals and celebrations in Emilia Romagna

Our mushroom and truffle recipes


Fried Borgotaro Porcini Mushrooms

Canned Mushrooms with oil

Consommè with bignolini baked with Parmigiano Reggiano and truffles of the hills

Garisenda Fry

Baked potatoes with truffles

Yellow pumpkin cream with Borgotaro porcini

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

Pasticcio of macaroni Ferrara style

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