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Exhibitions and openings. Winter 2014-2015

The winter season offers a wide range of exhibitions and openings all around the region of Emilia-Romagna.  People passing through the ancient inland towns or those visiting the major cities of art will have a great opportunity to enjoy the museums, galleries and prestigious institutes, where they can admire national and international masterpieces enriching their vacations with a touch of culture.


For art lovers, in the splendid room Salone delle Scuderie of Palazzo della Pilotta in Parma there is the exhibition: "Black Fire: material and structure at the time of and after Burri", being held in the.  There are more than seventy paintings and as many photographs and a group of graphic works for a total of 172 pieces all connect to the research of Alberto Burri (1915-1995) in some way.  Given that the hundredth anniversary of the birth of this artist is approaching, important painters, sculptors, and photographers, both young and old, have donated at least one work.  The title of this exhibition comes from the series of photographs by Aurelio Amendola that were taken of Burri while he worked on "Plastica col fuoco", which is compared to the black Cellotex by Alberto Burri, the starting point of the exhibition.  Until March 29.


Also in Parma, at the Palazzo del Governatore, an original structure of the 13th century, "Mater. Percorsi simbolici sulla maternità" (Mother. Symbolic Itineraries on motherhood) will be held, an exhibition with 170 works from 70 museums and Italian collections, with the goal of exploring the sacral and archetypical aspects of maternity and its fundamental role in Mediterranean culture.  The exhibition is divided into four sections with works ranging from antiquity and going up to the 20th century: motherhood as an origin, motherhood revealed, from sacred motherhood to middle class maternity, and the search for a new archetype.  Among the artists are Rosso Fiorentino, Pinturicchio, Veronese, Moretto, Hayez, Casorati, Ernst, Giacometti, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Bill Viola. Until June 28.


Visitors to Reggio Emilia can admire the rooms of the Maramotti Contemporary Art Gallery, also in Reggio Emilia, once the location of the Max Mara factory, with its two floors with forty-three rooms and two open spaces, hosts more than two hundred works including paintings, sculptures and installations representing the main Italian and international artistic trends from 1945 to today.  The permanent exhibition is free.


For those who instead wish to visit the prestigious Palazzo Magnani, there will be the exhibition "Piero della Francesca - Il disegno tra arte e scienza". This is a unique occasion that, for the first time in half a millennium, will allow visitors to admire the entire graphic and theoretical work of this Master from Sansepolcro. Furthermore, one hundred works including paintings, sketches, manuscripts, printed works, engravings, sculptures, carvings, ceramics and medals will present along with this artist the main players behind the theory and work in prospective drawing and architectonics in the 15th -16th centuries.  Among the artists represented are Lorenzo Ghiberti, Leon Battista Alberti, Ercole de’ Roberti, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Giovanni Bellini, Francesco di Giorgio, Albrecht Dürer, Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane, Baldassarre Peruzzi, Amico Aspertini, and Michelangelo. The exhibition is at the heart of a network of locations and events that involve the entire city of Reggio Emilia. From March 14 to June 14.


Also in Reggio Emilia, at the Palazzo dei Musei is a show worth seeing: "The Etruscans and others", which looks back over five centuries of Etruscan presence in the Reggio Emilia area with a focus on the meetings among early populations.  This historic itinerary weaves its way among two hundred artifacts from the collections of the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia - among other things there are bronze figures, ceramic and bronze vases, burial objects, military items, as well as everyday objects and female clothing, and a small display of epigraphs, the first works, as far as we know, to be in Etruscan.  Also important are the main Etruscan monuments of this area: the two inscribed and decorated memorial stones found near Rubiera. Until October 31.


For those who are planning a visit to Bologna worth seeing is the exposition dedicated to "Giovanni da Modena. A painter in the shadow of San Petronio". This artist painted the decorations in the well known Cappella Bolognini in San Petronio (1411-12 ca), a masterpiece that, together with other frescoes still present in the Basilica, make up this expo dedicated to him.  The itinerary begins at the Civic Museum, where various works by this painter from museums and private collections are on display, proving his importance as one of the main late-gothic painters in Italy. Until April 12.


Those who stay in Bologna do not have to miss the exhibition "From Cimabue to Morandi. Felsina Painting" in the historic Palazzo Fava.  Dedicated to the art scholar Roberto Longhi, the carefully selected works highlight the specificity that Bologna presents in the art world and that makes it one of the most important centers in terms of art history in Italy and Europe.  There are masterpieces on display from public places - such as the "Madonna di Trono" by Cimabue and the "San Domenico" by Niccolò dell'Arca - as well as private collections - for example "Ratto d'Europa" by Guido Cagnacci - creating an exhibition that presents seven centuries of history, from the 1200s to today.  Until May 17.


Those who visit the Pinacoteca Nationale in Ferrara (National Art Gallery) can see the show "Lampi sublimi". It includes the major works of Sebastiano Filippi called Bastianino, along with works by Dosso and Battista Dossi, Tiziano, Camillo Filippi, Giorgio Ghisi, and Ludovico Settevecchi, which together help to illustrate the cultural components of this 16th century artist.  His greatest skill was that of capturing and expressing the end of the Este Renaissance society and the romantic destruction of the great Italian formal painting of that era. Until March 15.


Also in Ferrara, in the lovely setting of the Este Castle visitors can admire "Art for Art.  The Este Castle hosts Boldini and De Pisis".  Some of the great works of Giovanni Boldini and Filippo de Pisis will be open to the public, two Ferrara-born painters who were internationally known artists between the end of the 18th century and the 19th century.  From the Boldini exposition, which highlights his undisputed roll in the Belle Époque, the show moves into the part dedicated to De Pisis, from the influences of metaphysical painting to his stenographic period and then on to the masterpieces towards the end of his career.  Until December 30.


Boldini's art will stop by the San Domenico Museums of Forlì, where "The Spectacle of Modernity" will take place.  This exhibition offers a closer look at the doings of this Ferrara artist, taking into consideration his whole career and various periods that characterized it, analyzing not just his paintings but also his extraordinary graphic production with drawings, watercolors and engravings.  The exhibition is divided into three sections; the first is dedicated to his early Macchiaiolo and portrait period, and the other two are dedicated to his Paris production, from scenes of modern life to elegant portraits, destined to be internationally famous. Until June 16.


In the city of mosaics, Ravenna, in the beautiful rooms of the MAR - the City of Ravenna Museum of Art, the visitors can see the exhibition "Il Bel Paese. Italy from the Risorgimento to the Great War, from the Macchiaioli to the Futurists". Dedicated to the beauty of Italy in the historic period from the Risorgimento to the First World War, the sections of the exhibition depict the country in terms of landscapes but also from a cultural and social point of view. There will be paintings on display by Induno, Fattori, Lega, Guaccimanni, Caffi, Bianchi and Segantini, but also works by foreign artists such as Turner, Crane, Corot and Boudin. Until June 14.


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