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Gropparello Castle - Fairy-Tale Park

Castello di Gropparello


As everyone knows, each castle has its own history, its legends and its ghosts. Here at the Gropparello Castle, formerly known as the Cagnano stronghold, you will find all of that ... and even more. Perched on a crag that commands the valley below, the castle opens out the panorama and path to the traveller. Knights and their ladies have been the real protagonists the history of this place. It is a tribute to them that crosses the ancient drawbridge is filled with a heady fragrance of history in the castle wafts a palpable atmosphere full of magic ...


Here in the Court, you enter the bailey, which is just like a labyrinth. Each passage intertwines with the others. You can continue our own route, if you wish, but also devise, but also devise your own to suit.


The real heart of the castle are the educational activities combined to play: teaching activities, supplementary activities, historic and architectural guided tours (also in a foreign language), an enchanted tour for nursery schools...
Entertainments, from the medieval market to the wedding at Court, Feast the Wheat and Grape Festvals ...enojoy your visit ...valiant


In the old castle cellars, food according to the original recipes  is prepared and you will find everything that animated the medieval market. Wholesome and tasty ring-shaped cakes, perfumed wine that caused inebriation, traditional bread with raisins, egg seller, the seller of eels, the locksmith, florist and acrobat.


Immersed in the beautiful park of the Gropparello Castle opposite the crenellated towers rises the Masseria (FArmhouse). History, traditions and emotions are the magical foundations of evotative feats, with a wealth of courses, where  traditional dishes are savoured


The Fairy-Tale Park, the first park in Emotional Italy

The Fairy-Tale Park is the first “emotive” park in Italy. There it is possible to enjoy a magical experience beyond the confines of time while immersed in a natural setting of millenary rocks and centuries old trees. Who lived in the wood? Fairies, sprites, elves and Druids .. and then the Tree-Man and perhaps the Animal-Man. And surely witches and wizards passed by, in their constant search for herbs to concoct their potions. Accompanied by a guide along the route, the boys and girls will encounter characters from the imaginary world of fairy-tales, whose origins date from remote times that have been lost. The boys and girls will also enjoy a fantastic and exciting adventure in the company of characters from the wood. Although the level of difficulty of the route is low, it is advisable to wear mountaineering boots and comfortable clothes suitable for an excursion. A waterproof jacket should be worn in the event of rain.


Castle Gropparello
Via Roma, 84 - 29025 Gropparello (PC)
Tel +39 0523  855814 - Fax +39 0523 855818 - (for reservations)

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