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Hospitality Festival of Bertinoro

Located in the heart of Romagna, along the slopes of the foothills of the Apennines near Forlì, just a few kilometers from the Via Emilia, Bertinoro looks out over a breathtaking landscape stretching all the way to the sea.


Besides the splendid panorama, best seen from the centrally located Piazza della Libertà, from which the nickname "Balcony of Romagna" comes, this medieval town full of walls, towers and ancient houses has always been famous for its hospitality.




In fact, its reputation comes from the tradition of the Column of Twelve Rings, each one representing one of the twelve families selected at one time to host visitors who, upon arrival, tied their horse up to one of the rings.


Today this tradition is reenacted, thanks to the Hospitality Festival which this year will be held from August 27 to September 1.


Among the many events, this festival will host Fricò Royal, an all night celebration in Bertinoro.


On Friday, August 30, starting from 9 pm and going until 4 am, the center of the town will be enlivened with music, dancing, and markets of local products so that visitors can experience this town, its locals, its foods, its wines, walk along its streets and dance in its squares.

Last modified Aug 26, 2013

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