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A sea of flavours 2014

Cappelletti, tortelli and tortellini, but also ravioli, cannelloni and lasagna make up the long ribbon of pasta, filled with all kinds of delights and constantly changing its shape and flavour, that winds along the 177 Roman miles connecting Rimini to Piacenza.

This event is dedicated to the via Emilia, on the 2200th anniversary of its construction, and to stuffed pasta, the theme of the 2014 edition of "A Sea of Flavours. Over the centuries, the Via Emilia has been a crossroads and meeting point for many cultures, where not only cultures but also food traditions mix. It may be for this very reason that Emilia Romagna is home to the highest number of products recognized for their uniqueness with 39 PGI and PDO, 29 DOC, DOCG and IGT wines, and more than 300 traditional plates. It is no wonder that in 2013 Forbes declared this region to be “Italy's greatest gastronomic treasure.” And stuffed pasta, which here has an unrivalled variety, is the metaphor for this cultural contamination: a single inspiration in all shapes and sizes.

A “Sea of Flavours” will stop by the main towns of Emilia Romagna from July to September with a full program of events, shows, and tastings, to tell the story of this region's agricultural, food and wine identity.

Among the new events at this year's edition are the theatre show
“Aemilia-RoMagna: along that Via that rolls out tales of pasta and fillings” a tale dedicated to the stuffed pastas along the Via Emilia by and starring Matteo Belli; the trip “Into the Belly of the Whale of Bologna”, to discover fish dishes with the Chef Marcello Leoni; the previews with a live show in Bologna and Ferrara of the soul and rhythm&blues groups of the Porretta Soul Festival, accompanied by “zuccherino montanaro” (a traditional wedding biscuit) and Pignoletto wine.

Among the traditional events of “Emilia-Romagna is A Sea of Flavours” worth mentioning are the Setting Fire to the Legend, where the king of cheeses, Parmigiano-Reggiano, gets cooked over an open flame and DiVine Sunset, where the best PDO and PGI products are paired with wines from Emilia-Romagna.


Aemilia-RoMagna: along that Via that rolls out tales of pasta and fillings

A true celebration of stuffed pasta which, in less than 300 km, is able to offer a wide variety of dishes, nearly impossible to count because of the vast culture linked to food here. The title of the show reflects the Roman history of this area but also the history of “eating”. The composition of “samples” is in fact told through a triptych of theatrical monologues dedicated to the most well known of the stuffed pastas from Emilia-Romagna: cappelletti, tortellini and tortelli, following a geographical line from “east” (Romagna) to “west” on the boarder with Lombardy. Every show on schedule will be preceded by a tasting of regional wines and quality foods and, of course, tasty surprises made of stuffed pasta. The star is Matteo Belli, a Bologna-born author, actor and director, who is considered one of the most important Italian experts in vocal research.

Five shows. The first show will be on July 14 in Ferrara (Giardini del Grattacielo, Viale della Costituzione), then July 21 in Cesena (Chiostro di San Francesco), September 12 in Cervia (Magazzini del Sale as part of “Sapore di Sale”), September 13 in Parma (Piazza della Steccata as part of the Festival of Prosciutto) and September 19 in Piacenza (Piazza Cavalli as part of “Piacenza è Un Mare di Sapori”).

DiVine Sunset and the “Bollicine Metodo Classico” Award

There will be seven events held as part of DiVine Sunset, the journey accompanied by the best wines and the best PDO and PGI products of Emilia Romagna, which was very successful in its last edition. Along with the two traditional stops in two cities of Emilia (Bologna and Ferrara) and along the Riviera (Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, Lido degli Estensi, Rimini), there will also be a new stop in Ravenna. At every event a small army of sommelier in uniforms will pour about 300 regional labels paired with typical local products prepared by the chefs of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs.

Tastings, of course, but also tales about food in the company of a “storyteller” that will take the audience on a trip back in time, full of excitement. As part of DiVine Sunset, the ‘Bollicine Metodo Classico’ Award for Emilia-Romagna will be given. This award was created to promote and spread the awareness of regional sparkling wines of excellent quality and is limited to the vineyards that produce sparkling wines that ferment in the bottle. Tastings and the awards ceremony will be held on July 25 during the stop of DiVine Sunset in Cesenatico. In Bologna and Ferrara DiVine Sunset will also include the best of soul and rhythm&blues music with the two previews of the Porretta Soul Festival, while eating “zuccherino montanaro” and drinking Pignoletto.

There are seven evenings on schedule as part of DiVine Sunset: July 10 in Bologna (Giardini del Baraccano), July 15 in Ferrara (Piazza Municipale), July 25 in Cesenatico (Piazza Spose Marinai), August 2 in Lido degli Estensi (Viale Carducci), August 22 in Milano Marittima (Viale Gramsci), August 28 in Rimini (Piazza Cavour), September 19 in Ravenna (Piazza del Popolo).

Setting fire to the legend

The characteristic cooking of milk, over a wood fire in a traditional copper pot, destined to become a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano, will be the star in Bologna, Ferrara, Cesena and in Cervia as part of the event Sapore di Sale (Taste of Salt). A tribute to the art and ingenuity of master cheesemakers accompanied by the narration of a storyteller in a show in the square. During the evening the audience can see with their own eyes how the “King of Cheeses” is made and then taste it paired with Lambrusco, sparkling and rosato, offered by the Consorzio Marchio Storico dei Lambruschi Modenesi.

Four dates. First evening on July 12 in Bologna (Piazza San Francesco), on July 26 in Ferrara (Giardini del Grattacielo, Viale della Costituzione), on August 30 in Cesena (Piazza del Popolo), on September 13 in Cervia (Piazza dei Salinari as part of Sapore di Sale).

Other events on schedule

Among the other events on schedule, worth mentioning are "Seafood Flavours" on the beaches of Ferrara (from June 24 to October 5), "Taste of Salt" in Cervia (from September 11 to 14) and the "Clam Festival" in Goro (from July 11 to 13 and from July 18 to 20), as well as the trip “Into the Belly of the Whale of Bologna”, to discover fish dishes with the Chef Marcello Leoni (in Bologna on September 14), the “Delicacies of Emilia Romagna Festival”, music itineraries, discoveries and tastings in five stops, the “Cool summer wine evenings” of the Enoteca Regionale and “La Claziò di Cuntadè” (June 29), a bike ride among PDO and PGI products discovering the area around Ravenna. The grand finale will be in Piacenza with "Piacenza is a Sea of Flavours" (September 18 and 19) dedicated to our products with a particular focus on the sea, which, a few millenniums ago, came in all the way up to the city.

From July 30 and for the whole summer, the game “Explorer of Emilia Romagna” can be found online on the sito of the project, to discover, through a virtual tour, the agro-foodstuffs grown around the Via Emilia. At the end of the game the top ranking explorers will be awarded a long weekend along one of the 15 Regional Routes of Wine and Flavours.

This initiative is promoted by the Regional Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Consortiums of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and di Modena, the Salumi Piacentini, of the Peach and Nectarine of Romagna, of the Pear of Emilia-Romagna, of Mortadella Bologna, Extra-virgin olive oil of Brisighella, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Potato of Bologna, Piadina Romagnola, Squacquerone of Romagna, Rice of the Po Delta, Garlic of Voghiera and with the support of the Regional Enoteca, APT Servizi Emilia Romagna, AIS Emilia and Romagna.

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A Sea of Flavours

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