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Carnival Sweets

The period of carnival which precedes Lent is a time in which people are supposed to have as much fun as possible and eat as much as they can before the forty days of fasting and penitence. For this reason, during carnival there are always many sweets, especially ones fried in lard – today oil is used – which are particularly flavorful and quite easy to make.

There are many recipes from Emilia Romagna with variations both in ingredients used and name based on the location.

Among the most common recipes in this area, we propose the delicious Sfrappole (fried dough), or “frappe”, made with flour and eggs and sprinkled with powdered sugar, which can be eaten in most places and are very easy to make at home.



No less tasty are “Frittelline di riso" made with rice cooked in milk, which in the past were made using leftovers; this is a traditional dish also today in the areas around Ravenna.


Even tagliatelle, a typical pasta dish in this region, can become a delicious Carnival sweet, after having been covered in sugar and then fried.  This recipe for Tagliatelle fritte, easy to make and very tasty, goes back to a peasant tradition of the Romagna Apennines, but it is quite widespread throughout the region, with minor variations depending on location.


Then there are “Intrigoni”, also called “chiacchere”, which are a typical dessert in the area around Reggio Emilia and are a central dish found in all ovens and kitchens in this part of the region during carnival.



Casa Artusi, among many classic carnival desserts, proposes “Castagnole” the recipe for which can be found in the famous cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi and is noted as a typical dish from Romagna during carnival. Even if the author considers this sweet to be rather unrefined, we can assure you that they are really delicious!

Happy Carnival!


Last modified Jan 27, 2017

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