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Casa Artusi

Dedicated to science in the kitchen and the art of eating well, this first-ever center of gastronomic culture has been open in Forlimpopoli since 2007. Its focus is on Italian home cooking in honor of the illustrious Pellegrino Artusi, originally from Forlimpopoli (Forlimpopoli 1820-Florence 1911).

Casa Artusi preparazioneHis work is present in many houses, and not just Italian ones, in the form of his manual “La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene” (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well). This book was first published in 1891, at the author's expense, by “those characters at Landi publishing house”, with an unexpected and overwhelming success. The author, over the next 20 years, worked on 15 editions, and the “Artusi” - as the manual was by now referred to using the author's name - became one of the most widely read books in Italy.

A true watershed in the modern food culture, this manual is made up of 790 recipes in its most recent versions and is still widely read even today. It has been translated into English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. It uses a didactic approach - “with this practical manual - wrote Artusi - all you need to know is how to hold a wooden spoon” - and the recipes are accompanied by thoughts and little stories that make it a masterpiece of wit and knowledge.

Carved out during the restoration of the monumental complex of the Chiesa dei Servi, the Center is a vast building that hosts different expressions of the food culture. Casa Artusi with its library, restaurant, cooking school, wine cellar, and events area is a museum of home cooking.

The Library, outfitted with six Internet stations available for users, holds about 45,000 volumes. Besides the Civic Library of Forlimpopoli, there is also the Artusi's Collection and the Collection of Italian Gastronomy.

In line with the Artusi's philosophy and good taste, the Restaurant brings home cooking to the table with the numerous recipes of Artusi. Open for lunch and dinner, here the stars are without a doubt fresh pasta and the traditional regional recipes, served with great attention paid to seasonality and quality.

At the Osteria, open for dinner, you can eat more informal dishes, with a wide selection of wines by the glass and in bottles, a buffet of products from the region and proposals from the kitchen.

In the Cantina, there are about 200 Emilia and Romagna labels on display and for sale and a series of traditional products such as liquors and balsamic vinegar.

For those who want to improve their culinary arts, the Cooking School is open both to fans as well as professionals. Some of the most important names in national cooking collaborate with the School, relying on both their professional skills as well as their own domestic memories.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Mariette Association to promote and enhance popular traditions and to teach traditional Romagna cooking, in particular handmade pasta and piadina bread.

There is also the Event Area where the House organizes shows, meetings, tastings, presentations of products and seminars, all on the theme of home cooking. Here, Pellegrino Artusi, his world and his ideas, come to life, thanks to a special set design, created using multimedia techniques and information panels that make up a state of the art display system.

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