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The Emilia Romagna Regional Enoteca 1000 labels with an amazing taste

Housed inside the enchanting Sforza Fortress, which has dominated this valley since the 13th century, the Regional Enoteca is located in the splendid medieval town of Dozza near Bologna.

Enoteca regionale di DozzaThis artistic town not only links its historic roots to wine but it is also located where Emilia and Romagna come together. Here, every two years, painters from all over the world come to paint marvelous murals, making this historic downtown very unique.

It is in this ideal place that the Regional Enoteca, since 1978, has been promoting and endorsing regional wines, as well as promoting responsible drinking. The Enoteca has more than two hundred producers as members and frequently collaborates with institutions, researchers and of course its members.

Going down into the grand cantinas of the Sforza Fortress, one can discover, taste and buy the best wines of the region, under the guide of very competent sommeliers.

These fascinating underground rooms also house the Permanent Collection, the heart of the Enoteca and Bacchus’s paradise. Here it is like going on an imaginary journey through an ideal wine list; the more than 1000 labels on display are arranged based on their pairings with food.

Therefore the tour starts out with wines used as an aperitif or with appetizers, moving on to those that go best with first courses (pasta), then on to the second course wines which go well with meat or fish, and on and on with cheeses, desserts, and ending finally with liquors and spirits.

Visitors will also find other specialties such as the extra-virgin olive oil from Brisighella and the hills of Romagna and the famous traditional balsamic vinegar from Reggio Emilia and Modena.

The organoleptic quality of each of the numerous products on sale is guaranteed by a technical tasting commission.

After this jubilation of excellence, it is easy to settle into an equally welcoming atmosphere: that of the Wine Bar of the Enoteca, where one can stop and sip some good wine or participate in the evenings of wine tastings which are organized periodically.

The wines

The variety of the Region’s territories provides for a wide range of wines, while the innovative wine making techniques used allow for very high levels of quality to be reached.

Areas of production and the wine list of D.O.C. and D.OC.G.

Last modified Jan 10, 2017

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