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The Bosco Eliceo wines

A little further north, one enters in the territory of the "Vini delle Sabbie", Sand Wines.

This is a truly unique wine-producing area, an Adriatic coastal zone between the mouths of the Po and Rubicon Rivers, consisting of dunes that parallel the coast, woods, brackish valleys, and salt pans, which also includes the Parco Regionale del Delta del Po.




Here the primary varietal, grown since the XI Century, thanks to the drainage carried out by the monks of Pomposa, is Fortana, also known as Uva d'Oro (from Còte d'Or, in Burgundy, from where Renée of France is said to have brought it to the Duca d'Este as part of her dowry).


Regardless of the name, what one finds now in the vineyards are low, centuries-old vines. Indeed, thanks to the sandy terrains they were able to resist the phylloxera outbreak (at the beginning of the XX Century) and are therefore - the only case in Italy - on native rootstock.


The strong identity of these vineyards, however, derives from the extreme conditions of their habitat: a damp environment, with impenetrable fogs, where the air is briny and the terrains sandy and extremely infertile. The sea and the absence of fresh water (many roots reach down to salt water) are among the elements that confer unique characteristics to the wines.


The wine producers of the region are writing the history of this viticulture, and after years of studies, research, and selection, in 1991 obtained the establishment of the DOC Bosco Eliceo, which now offers four wines: Fortana, Merlot, Sauvignon, and Bianco del Bosco (made from Trebbiano, Sauvignon and Malvasia di Candia). All have limited alcohol contents, and are characterized by savory accents on the palate.


It is said, in fact, that those tasting the Vini delle Sabbie can taste the sea!

Last modified Dec 27, 2013

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