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Parmesan Cheese - The King of all cheese

Visitors travelling to Reggio Emilia, Modena, Parma, Bologna to the left of the Reno River and Mantua to the right of the Po River, will easily find numerous cheese factories scattered along the main streets where the PDO Parmesan cheese is produced and sold.

The Parmesan is one of the most ancient cheeses and is still produced as eight centuries ago, with the same ingredients, the same technique and the same traditional care.

Parmesan Cheese

It is a completely natural cheese, the only one able to stand such a long maturing (at least 12 months, but 24 months are needed to develop its best taste) and also is the only one that, participating in space missions, still conserve all its organoleptic and nutritional features: energy, taste, high digestibility.

The key features that distinguish this cheese from any other imitation dairy product are the strict production regulations, the close link with its land of origin, the use of raw milk and the wealth of natural ingredients (16 litres of milk are required to make 1 kg of Parmesan).

The “cheese maker” creates with the help of his own hands, sensibility and experience the “shape” (of about 30 kg) using raw milk, natural rennet and the carefully controlled fire heat. The Parmesan Cheese Consortium, that brings together all the dairy producers and safeguards the whole production area and the brand, guarantees the quality.

When the Parmesan is cut into “slivers” using the typical knife with “olive leaf” shape becomes a tasty appetizer, especially if watered with a few drops of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia, or accompanied by raw vegetables such as celery and tomatoes. The Parmesan, when grated over pasta or when used for preparing many recipes, enhances the full flavor of the dishes.

In Montecchio Emilia, and more precisely in Aiola, every year on May 1 visitors can participate in the production of a whole cheese using a faggot fire. The same event takes place also in Casina, during the Festival dedicated to the King of cheeses in August.

Visits to Parmesan dairies

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Last modified May 22, 2017

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