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Salami of Piacenza

The story of the Salame Piacentino (salami produced in Piacenza) is ancient and consolidated. The first information about pigs reared in these places takes back to Roman times, when farming began to flourish.

In the early XV century, the cold meats of Piacenza, already famous in the neighboring states of the duchy of Piacenza, were the favorite salami of merchants proceeding from Milan and Lombardy. In the early decades of the XVIII century, they have been also introduced into the elitist environment of France and Spain, thanks to Cardinal Giulio Alberoni, a clever diplomat from Piacenza who brought them along during his trips as a tasty gift card.

Piacentino Salami

Despite the technology improvements, the various stages of production – at craft and industrial level- are still linked to the traditional methods that make these cold meats really delicious. With a genuine processing, they are produced according to and respecting the ancient traditions, which have been transmitted from father to son by professional pork-butchers, called “massalein” in dialect.

The territory of Piacenza is still a natural environment particularly suitable for pig breeding – which prefer wooded areas rich in water instead of direct sunlight and excessive heat. The valleys of Piacenza boasts ideal climatic conditions to facilitate the production and maturation of “coppa” (cured pork neck), salami and PDO bacon.

The Salame Piacentino is produced by using only cuts of meat and pork fat. The raw material comes from Emilia Romagna and Lombardy farms, while the production area traditionally includes the entire province of Piacenza.

The lean part has a bright red color with well-distributed white-rosy pieces of lard, which are typical of this coarse-grained salami. The smell is characterized by a delicate aroma of seasoned meat, left to mature for at least 45 days, and a slight hint of spices. Its taste is soft, but firm, sweet and savory at the same time. When made into sausages, it has a cylindrical shape and a weight ranging from 400 grams to 1kg.

The Salame Piacentino must present a special PDO mark, which guarantees its origin and the respect of traditional methods of production, the consortium mark with the image of a cornucopia filled with cold meats and a heraldic emblem on a red background that reminds the one of the Cardinal Alberini.

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