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The pork tradition

pork tradition

Pig meat was the king of the table in Emilia Romagna, and not just in antiquity. Raising pigs was a vitally important aspect of the economy and farming culture. The "butchering" of the pig was a rite, a reason to celebrate that involved the whole family, and even neighbors who were invited to help prepare the salami and other products. The cutting and preparation of the meat lasted for several days, and absolutely nothing went to waste.

The events that we recommend with the festivals that celebrate pork, called  “bagoin” or “ninèn”, or “porc” or “maial”, in dialect depending on the place, reenact the old methods of pork butchery that date back to antiquity and have been maintained in farming traditions. They are a great opportunity to try excellent peasant dishes and participate in fun moments at the festivals.

Also in Argenta (Fe) there will be a three day tribute to the tradition of the pig. At this festival, which combines good food, history and culture, visitors can see pork butchery demonstrations, participate in tastings, book presentations, and excursions in the Po Delta14-16 December.

The last event dedicated to pork is the one in San Giovanni in Periceto, near Bologna, with the "Inftidùra dal ninèn”, or pork butchery, and the making of salami, accompanied by roasted chestnuts, mulled wine,  mingona (chestnut cake), and fried dough. 16 December.

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