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Emilia-Romagna Christmas recipes: the menu

The number one traditional dish for Christmas in Emilia Romagna is without a doubt tortellini or stuffed pasta in broth; the most famous ones are made using the Bologna tortellini recipe, but there are other, equally as tasty versions, such as Reggio Emilia or Romagna stuffed pasta, the so called "cappelletti".

As a second course, boiled meat is usually served along with a lot of sauces, such as Salsa verde from the lowlands around Reggio Emilia or one made of eggplants, a traditional recipe from Ravenna, or the very fancy Salsa antica, a traditional Modena peasant recipe, or Grandma's boiled meat sauce, a Parma recipe, while those with a sweet tooth can always chose sweet marmalade.

And then there's the legendary "Panettone" Christmas cake! Here is a version from Modena of Christmas Cake: it comes out a lovely golden brown color and should be served in small rectangles not much bigger than a biscuit. It can be eaten alone, or better yet, with typical local amaretti biscuits or sponge cake squares covered with vanilla-flavoured powdered sugar.

But the Christmas desserts do not stop here. Among our traditional recipes, there is also Grandma Albertina's Christmas Cake, a Bologna Christmas sweet, or the Christmas "Tortelli", baked or fried, a typical dessert from Modena and Reggio Emilia filled with cream or jam, or with Christmas pesto.

And, ending the Christmas lunch on a happy note, a sip of Egg nog made with a Ravenna recipe and served at important events such as Christmas or New Year's in little glasses.


Last modified Dec 18, 2017

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