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Chestnut "Ciacci"

Chestnut ciacci JPGHere is a specialty from the Apennines along the boarder between the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Tuscany with very ancient origins: in prehistoric times, flour mixes were cooked on hot stones placed near a fire.  This dish is similar to the "castagnaccio" which is probably where the name "ciaccio" comes from.  They are cooked using a pair of iron discs with a long handle which are then heated up over an open flame or over a wood stove.


to make about 6-8 ciacci with chestnut flour: 300 g of chestnut flour, a pinch of salt, 300 cc of water.

in a large bowl mix 300 g of flour and a pinch of salt with 300 cc of water, adding a little bit at a time.  Make sure there are no lumps, mixing until the dough is similar to a purée that is not too dense.  Part of the water can be substituted with milk, or a spoonful of oil, but the oldest version is the simplest one.  Heat up the iron discs, turning them over frequently.  Grease them well either with pork fat or olive oil.  Pour three spoonfuls of the mixture onto one disc and then close the other greased disc quickly.  Press the two discs together firmly so that the ciaccio is about 3mm thick.  After a few minutes, turn the discs over; in five minutes total the ciaccio will be ready, when it becomes golden brown.  Repeat all the steps until the dough is finished.  This dish should be eaten folded in half and filled with soft cheeses or cold cuts.

Last modified Sep 30, 2015

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