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Carnival "Sfrappole"

These simple, thin pieces of fried dough, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar, can always be found on tables in Emilia Romagna during Carnival.  They are so good and light that it is difficult to resist tasting them.

Difficulty: easy

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 200 g of type 0 flour, 1 liter of peanut oil, powdered sugar.

Preparation: pour the flour out on a pastry board, making a circle and leaving space in the middle to put the eggs; the walls of flour in the circle should be high enough to keep in the eggs.  Mix and then kneed the dough thoroughly.  Make a sphere, cover it and let it rest for thirty minutes.  Roll out the dough with a rolling pin – or with a pasta machine set to the fifth level – until you get a nice thin pastry dough.  With a knife, or better yet, with a pasta cutter, cut out 4 cm long strips which you will then cut into diamonds about 15 cm long.  Fry the “sfrappole” in small quantities in very hot oil, but not too hot or they will burn.  When they are golden brown on both sides, let them dry and drain on paper towels.  Let them cool and then cover them with powdered sugar.

Note: a spoonful of anise liquor can be added to the dough.

Recipe sent in by: Lea Bernabei – Viserba di Rimini

Last modified Jan 20, 2016

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