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Ricetta 312. Castagnole I - From the manual of Pellegrino Artusi

This recipe for fried "castagnole", still widely made during the carnival period, was taken from the cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi which states: "this dish is typical of Romagna, in particular during  carnival, and is, in my opinion, not very sophisticated, but quite good just the same."

Difficulty: medium

Ingredients: flour, two eggs, a spoonful of anise liquor, lemon rind and salt to taste.

Preparation: mix the flour, eggs, anise liquor, lemon rind and salt together on a pastry board until you get a firm dough. You should kneed the dough forcefully as you would for bread, adding  a spoonful of oil a little at a time until it absorbs into the dough. Lastly, pull the dough out in long sticks then cut them into pieces the size of a walnut. Immediately put them into a pan over low heat, shaking the pan continuously.  When the "castagnole" are cooked, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and serve them cold; they are better cold than hot. If you use cognac or brandy instead of anise liquor, you will not obtain the same effect and the pastries will puff up very little.

Recipe sent in by: Casa Artusi

Last modified Jan 20, 2016

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