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Savòr Compote

It is served as a little runny compote. It is served at the end of a complete and lavish lunch. It magically effaces the strong flavours of previously swallowed foods, giving this delicate and pleasant "savór" (taste). It has also a digestive effect.

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: 4 apples, 4 pears, 2 quinces, 1.5 litres of the sweetest grapes you can find. Quantities for 10 people (everybody takes only a little quantity, just what needed to serve its purpose); keep the bowl in the fridge if there is a leftover.

Preparation: Peel the fruit and take out the cores. Cut them into big pieces. Use a big pan; the contents should occupy half of it. On a low heat, boil the pieces of fruit in the must and put the lid on the pan for the first 45 minutes. When it is lively boiling, take off the lid to allow evaporation. If needed, skim off the scum. When the consistency and the appearance are of a rather runny compound (it is eaten with a spoon and served in a little bowl, so there should be no liquid) turn off the heat. Put it immediately in a jar for preserves with watertight top, turn the jar upside down until it is completely cooled off.

Recipe sent by: Rita Tagliati - Ferrara

Last modified Dec 27, 2013

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