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Peach Marmalade

Marmellata di pesche

Rimini recipe. It was prepared to put into pies, but most of all, it was an excellent snack, spread on a piece of bread with butter.

Ingredients: 2.5 kg of ripe peaches, 1.25 kg of sugar, one lemon, 10 tender and clean leaves from a peach tree.

Preparation: wash the peaches and carefully dry them. Remove the pits and cut them into pieces over a casserole dish, so as not to lose the juice. Add the lemon and the peach leaves and let them boil for 5 minutes, on high heat, stirring and foaming. Sieve the peaches and put them back into the casserole adding the sugar and stirring continuously, to avoid sticking. When finished cooking, pour the hot marmalade into jars previously heated up and hermetically seal them.

Recipe sent by: Cristina Geri - Rimini

Last modified Nov 07, 2011

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