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Elixir of Chamomile and Mallow

Elisir di camomilla e malva

Typical recipe from the peasant tradition of Parma. It was prepared by the farmers, to be offered to their “dear ones” or for festival days. Before going to the fields to work, the young women collected the chamomile, which at dawn is still very rich with essential oils and they brought it to their grandmothers to make the infusion. Even today it is served at the end of a meal, because its fantastic anti-inflammatory properties make it a great digestive liquor.

Ingredients: handfuls of chamomile heads and two handfuls of mallow flowers (picked at dawn), 1 liter of 95° alcohol, 800 g of sugar, 1 liter of water.

Preparation: let the chamomile and mallow soak in the alcohol, in a sealed jar. After one moon, melt the sugar in the water, let it cool and add it to the other liquid. Let it sit for 1/4 moon, in the dark. Filter the liquor and bottle it.

Recipe sent by: Mario Schianchi - Parma

Last modified Jun 07, 2011

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