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Grandma Pierina’s Restorative Liquor

Liquore ricostituente di Nonna Pierina

Grandma Pierina’s Restorative LiquorPiacenza recipe. When the doctor recommended a restorative cure, in place of the customary cod-liver oil, people drank this liquor, which had the same effect but was much more appreciated! Still today, a small glass is recommended before meals to take advantage of its restorative effects, but it can be drunk at any time of day, as it is an excellent cordial.

Ingredients: 6 whole eggs, 10-12 lemons, 1/2 liter of vin santo or marsala wine, 500 g of sugar.

Preparation: wash and dry the whole eggs (with the shell) and put them in a glass container that can be closed well. Add the lemon juice until the eggs are completely submerged and covered. Close the container and let it sit in a cool place. After 5 days, open and remove the light mold which will have formed on the surface and pour the rest (the eggs with their shells, the lemon juice, and the calcium built up on the bottom) into another pot where it will be beat. Pass everything through a colander, being careful that the shells left out are few (it is recommended to first use a colander with large holes, then pass the mixture through one with narrower holes). When the liquid has been strained well, add the vin santo (or the marsala) and the sugar, mix again, and bottle.

Recipe sent by: Damiana Silva - Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC)

Last modified Jun 07, 2011

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