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Nocino "alla Mountain man"

Nocino alla montanara

Nocino "alla Mountain man"Recipe from the Bagno di Romagna area. Pulpy and robust, it always went with the end of meals made with game and mushrooms, in the late autumn season.

Ingredients: 16 walnuts (harvested between June 20 and 24), 1/2 liter of 95° alcohol, 1/2 liter of grappa, 1 kg of sugar.

Preparation: cut the walnuts into four pieces, add the grappa, the alcohol and the sugar. Let everything sit in the sun for 40 days, shaking the container daily. In the first days stir it until the sugar dissolves. At the end, strain it with absorbent paper and bottle it.

Recipe sent by: Dina Toni - Forlì

Last modified Jun 07, 2011

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