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Nocino or "Little Nut"


Nocino or "Little Nut"

Originally from the province of Parma, specifically the town of Noceto, it is a dense, sweet liquor which is usually drunk at the end of a meal to help digestion. It was habit to take out a bottle, preferably an old bottle, when one had “exaggerated” with food, especially during the holidays. When it was time “ad fer al nosen” (to do the nocino), the nuts were harvested, still green, the 23rd of June, the night of San Giovanni.

Ingredients: 25 walnuts, 1 liter of alcohol, 1 lemon rind, 10 cloves, 20 g of cinnamon, 600 g of sugar.

Preparation: put all the ingredients together in a big closed jar, and let them sit for 40-60 days. Strain and bottle. Let it age for as long as possible.

Recipe sent by: Cecilia Barantani - Parma

Last modified Jan 12, 2012

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