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Liquor made from quince apples, typical of the plains and hills around Parma. Nicknamed “Big Push” in the Parma dialect, it was believed that, drunk at the end of a meal, it “pushed”, helping with digestion; mixed with water it was believed to be an invigorating and energizing drink.

Ingredients: 100 g of quince apple peels, 250 g of sugar, 60 cl of 95° alcohol, 150 g of water.

Preparation: put the peels in the alcohol to soak, in a glass pot. After 40 days, melt the sugar in hot water, let it cool and add it to the previous mixture. Let it “rest” for another 15 days, in the dark, shaking it every once in a while. Strain the liquor using gauze, and bottle it. It is recommended to let it “age” for at least 6 months before serving it.

Recipe sent by: Massimo Ghirardi - Sala Baganza (PR)

Last modified Jun 07, 2011

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