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Syrup with Black Cherry Leaves

Sciroppo con foglie di amareno

A Romagna recipe, widespread wherever black cherries are cultivated, especially in the foothills. The blackberry tree is a type of cherry tree whose fruit is the black cherry also called “morena” or “maraschino”, (from the Italian “amaro” or “bitter”), due to its slightly bitter taste. Watered down, it was the “drink” of the thresh, especially for women and children.

Ingredients: 100 black cherry leaves, 7 peach tree leaves, 1 kg of sugar, 10 g of citric acid, 1 liter of Sangiovese wine

Preparation: let the leaves soak for 36 hours in the wine. Take out the leaves, pour the liquid into a pot with the sugar and the citric acid. Boil everything for 10 minutes and when it cools, pour it into bottles. It can be served with ice or cold water, as a thirst quenching drink, or on ice cream.

Recipe sent by: Sara Civinelli - Cesena (FC)

Last modified Jun 07, 2011

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