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Flavorful Rabbit

Coniglio saporito


Flavorful Rabbit

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: 1 rabbit, 300 g of chicken livers, 3 anchovy filets, 50 g of cappers, 1 glass of red wine, salt, pepper, sage, onion, oil, bullion cubes, water, lemon juice. Serves 6.

Preparation: cook the rabbit in a pan on the stove so it loses some water, then cut it into pieces and brown it in oil, salt, pepper and sage. When the meat is very browned, add the red wine and let it evaporate. In another pan, brown the livers with the onion, cappers, anchovies and lemon juice. After this mixture is done, dice it up into large pieces and add it to the rabbit, together with part of a bullion cube. Cover everything with hot water and cook it until the sauce thickens up.

Suggested red wine Sangiovese di Romagna Doc



Recipe sent by: Alfredo Venturi, San Piero in Bagno (FC)

Last modified May 12, 2011

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