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Rabbit in Pork-roast

Coniglio in porchetta

Coniglio in porchetta JPGIt is popular in the outskirts and the countryside of the Cesena area. It is served with a side dish of French fries, aubergine and tomatoes, cooked in the oven or au gratin, boiled beets, etc… The wine will be red in wintertime, sparkling white in the summer.

Difficulty: Difficult

Ingredients: 1 whole rabbit, better if it is big but not from intensive breeding and 4 months’ old, 1 kg of lean beef or calf meat, or milled loin of pork, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, wild fennel, thin slices of bacon (optional), oil and lard. Serves 6/7.

Preparation: Bone the rabbit starting from the hind legs, or ask your butcher to do it; the bones will have to be kept, in order to add them to the meat roll while cooking so as to enrich its taste. During this operation, the rabbit will have to be kept as whole as possible, without cutting it in half. It will have to be laid down on a cutting board, dressed with salt and pepper and with wild fennel (two whole little branches) mainly, adding garlic and rosemary to taste. If you like, you can cover the whole dish with some thin slices of bacon and with the rabbit liver, finely minced. Spread the minced meat and roll the rabbit meat on itself, forming a roll that you will then fasten with a cooking string. Grease the pan with oil or suet and lay down the roll, cover it with 2 or 3 tomatoes and put it in the oven at 180°, making sure to turn the meat from time to time. After about two hours he rabbit should be cooked. Let it cool off, cut it in slices of the thickness you like and serve it.

Suggested red wine Sangiovese di Romagna



Recipe sent by: Sara Civinelli - Cesena

Last modified Mar 30, 2017

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