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Salama da sugo of Ferrara

Salama da sugo ferrarese

Salaminadasugo.jpg"Salama da sugo" of Ferrara has been the main product of Ferrara for more than five hundred years. Initially, the main dish at ducal lunches, it then became a peasant dish in many areas in and around Ferrara – which are still the most genuine versions even today - and then it finally became a dish for important occasions and life events in Ferrara. Even today this salami is produced by pork butchers in their shops and aged in specific places using pork scraps, such as cheek, neck, bacon, liver and the tongue – all mixed together meticulously by hand with natural spices and then covered in a lot of wine.

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients: 1 "salama da sugo".

Preparation: first, the “salama” must be placed in room temperature water overnight, in order to soften the outer crusts, which can then be gently brushed away. It must then be immersed, best if wrapped in a thin piece of cloth, in a pot of water, but without touching the bottom; wooden sticks can be placed on the sides of the pot and laced through the twine on the salama to keep it afloat. The water in the pot must boil on low heat for 4 hours, adding water when necessary but without stopping the boiling. The blister should never break. Once cooked, remove the twine and cut at the top, making an opening that allows the soft filling to be removed with a spoon. If it is not served cold, it should be cut into segments. Ideally, it should be served very hot, along with mashed potatoes.

Suggested red wineFortana del Bosco Eliceo DOC


Last modified Sep 25, 2017

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