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"Curzul" Pasta with Shallot Sauce

“Curzul” con sugo di scalogno


"Curzul" Pasta with Shallot Sauce

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: For the dough: 400g of flour, 4 eggs. For the sauce: 800g of shallot, 800g of peeled tomatoes. Serves 4 persons.

Preparation: Knead the eggs into the flour, then roll out the dough, but not too thin, and cut the thick dough into pieces, which are called "curzul". Cut the shallots finely and fry at low tempature, with a little extra virgin olive oil. Add the peeled tomatoes to the shallots together with salt and pepper and raise the tempature. Boil the "curzul", serve on a plate adding the sause, and decorate the dish with fresh basil leaves and grated Parmesan cheese.

Notes: "Curzul" is a type of pasta

Suggested white wine Trebbiano di Romagna Doc


Recipe sent by: Chef of Riolo, the best recipes with typical products from Riolo Terme

Last modified May 08, 2012

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