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Gardener’s Sauce

Salsa giardiniera

Typical peasant recipe from the Modena plains. It was prepared in august, when the vegetables were plentiful, to be enjoyed in the winter months, as a side dish with meat, both poached and roasted. The preparation required a whole day and involved the whole family. Every family had their own personal recipe.

Ingredients: 1.3 kg of green beans, 8 medium sized onions, 1.3 kg of carrots, 1 tuft of celery, 4 fennels, 4 mixed peppers of medium size, 1 large cauliflower, 2 liters of wine vinegar, 4 liters of water.

Preparation: wash all the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Cook them separately in the water and vinegar, saving the liquid every time for the next cooking. Drain them and let them cool. When they are cool, mix them all together. Put them in jars, and cover them with oil. After a day, check the level of the oil and add more until they are always completely covered. Close the jars. It is recommended not to eat them until after 1 month, but within one year.

Recipe sent by: Rosina Verrini - Carpi (MO)

Last modified May 26, 2011

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