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Green Onions in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Scalogno in olio extravergine di oliva

Green Onions in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Typical recipe from Romagna. In the Romagna countryside, the habit of preparing green onions in oil was common until the 1950s; the cleaning of the green onion happened in the farmyard and was a moment of gathering and partying, where wine, cakes, and an accordion were never absent. The green onions in oil were used mostly to go with poached meat.

Ingredients: 1 kg of green onions, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and 200 g of salt.

Preparation: clean the green onions, washing the outside peel. Cover them with salt and after 24 hours, remove the salt and submerge them completely in the vinegar. Let them sit for another 24 hours and then drain them. Dry them carefully with a cotton cloth, put them into jars and cover them with oil. It is recommended to leave the onions in the jars for at least 1 month before eating them.

Recipe sent by: Liliana Pedulli - Imola (BO)

Last modified May 26, 2011

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