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Pepper Sauce


This sauce, which uses fresh vegetables according to the season, was made especially during the summer, in the countryside around Piacenza.

Ingredients: 4 peppers (red or yellow), 2 green onions, 4 ripe tomatoes, 1 spoonful of diced parsley, 1 cup of water, some basil leaves, salt and oil as necessary.

Preparation: wash the peppers, open them, take out all of the white part to make them easier to digest and, after having carefully dried them, cut them into pieces which are not too small. In the meantime, cook the green onions, previously cut into thin slices, with plenty of oil, until they are golden. Add the cut up peppers, the pulp of the peeled tomatoes, the basil, the parsley, a glass of water and salt to taste. Let it cook very slowly until all the water has evaporated. At the end, the peppers should be creamy. The sauce is served cold, spread on bread, best if the bread is toasted.

Recipe sent by: Maria Bolledi - Piacenza

Last modified May 26, 2011

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