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This sauce, typical of the peasant tradition near Ravenna, has a strong and penetrating odor, which remains in the air for days, outlasting every other smell. In autumn, with what the countryside offers in that period, with saba you can also prepare savor, a very nutritious jam.


Dark and sweet, it was boiled slowly for hours, until it reached the right consistency. Children watched the pot carefully, waiting for it to be ready. They ate it immediately on a piece of bread as a snack. And they could imagine it on all the other sweets on which the saba would be used, like cookies and cakes filled with chestnuts or jam, candied chestnuts, sorbet made in the winter, with snow in a glass covered in saba, sweet and syrupy.


Ingredients: grape must.


Preparation: the preparation is extremely simple: it just takes time and patience. Once strained, the must is placed in a pot with a rather thick bottom and boiled on very low heat until it has been reduced to about a third or taken on a caramel color and a syrupy consistency. It takes about 25-30 hours. You can turn off the heat at night and turn it on again in the morning. It is not necessary to stir it well. Once it is ready, it can be treated as a normal jam, putting it in jars while it is still hot and letting the jars cool upside down, in order to form the “vacuum seal”. Besides the traditional uses with cookies and cakes, it is also a nice compliment to puddings and Bavarian chestnut cream or with flavorful cheeses.


Recipe sent by: Stefania Baldassarri - Riolo Terme (RA)

Last modified Sep 25, 2017

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