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Stuffed Red Chili Peppers

Peperoncini rossi ripieni


Typical peasant recipe from the Romagna region. They were served during Sunday lunches, as an appetizer or to go with the poached meat.

Ingredients: 500 g of round red chili peppers, anchovies, tuna in water, cappers, olives, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, 1 bay leaf, black pepper, 1 clove, oregano.

Preparation: Wash and core the chili peppers, removing the core and the seeds. Boil them for a few minutes in the vinegar, previously brought to a boil together with the oregano, garlic, sage and pepper. Take them out of the vinegar, and let them dry heads down on a cotton cloth for a whole night. Prepare the filling with the anchovies, tuna, cappers and olives all cut into small pieces. Stuff the chili peppers and put them in glass jars, standing up. Lastly, cover them with oil. It is recommended to wait at least one month before eating them.

Recipe sent by: Liliana Pedulli - Imola (BO)

Last modified Sep 25, 2017

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